YES!Waka Waka Waka
Originally shared by +Google+ Waka Waka Waka… Say goodbye to productivity. You can now play #PacMan on +Google Maps.  
31 Mar 2015 in G+ Posts, by… Amazon Dash Button – Official site – Request an invitationWith Amazon Dash Button, you just press, and never run out. Choose from favorite household products.
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Finally found my zombie invasion boat
Finally found my zombie invasion boat…. Can zombies swim…. Hmm..  
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Portfolio – Playing with tones
Portfolio – Playing with tones….on the Island of Belize in a house that was wiped out by a Hurricane.  
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This used to be the coolest hobby I had… 100s of hours tweaking… Engineering… Assembling… Crashing… Begging for more money…
Now everything comes assembled and is instant gratification…. That's a parenting fail if you do not make your kids invest their time to have something cool… Especially when it will affect how they look at fixing things throughout their lives..  
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You got that right inner peace
You got that right inner peace…….  
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Atlas V Launches MMS
One day I will get this photo….. Photo bucket list… Originally shared by +Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) Atlas V Launches MMSImage Credit & Copyright: Ben Cooper (Launch Photography) Birds don't fly this high. Airplanes don't go this fast. The Statue of Liberty weighs less. No species other than human can even comprehend what is going on, nor could any human just a millennium ago. The launch of a rocket bound for space is an event that inspires awe and challenges description. Pictured above, an Atlas V rocket lifts off carrying NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission into Earth orbit 10 days ago to study the workings of the magnetosphere that surrounds and protects the Earth. From a standing start, the 300,000 kilogram rocket ship left to circle the Earth where the outside air is too thin to breathe. Rockets bound for space are now launched from somewhere on Earth about once a week.  
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So this is a question I asked in one of my communities and I am curious as to what others might think about the Mix of Aviation images and artistic images or even the ability to sell an image that is edited vs. photo-journalistic in nature? I know what I would buy – but honestly I would not know where I would want to buy it from and or how much I would want to spend.. Or if I even want to buy an image that is not my own… that sounds terrible but it's reality…. PS: Photographers are terrible at purchasing photos…. How do you purchase images? Originally shared by +Brent Burzycki The mix of art and Aviation? Do people like this style of work.. or is realistic the only way to go?  
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Everyone should be able to get these road trips on their bucket lists!
And as a photographer I highly recommend you do them… before you die! From the guy that can actualy find Waldo: Here we go: Europe: The Interactive Map: What you will see: In total, the trip covers 16,287 miles (26,211 km) and 14 days of driving, so expect to dedicate at least 3 months if you’re going to take on this road trip. You may notice that eastern Europe is somewhat underrepresented in this road trip, so if you want the full taste of Europe, it’ll be worthwhile to add some stops between Poland and Estonia. Here’s the full list of stops in order: Innsbruck, AustriaMunich, GermanyPag, CroatiaVenice, ItalyTuscany, ItalyFlorence, ItalyRome, ItalyVatican CityAmalfi, ItalyGozo, MaltaDubrovnik, CroatiaSantorini, Thira, GreeceRila Monastery, Rilski manastir, BulgariaIstanbul, TurkeySighisoara, Mures County, RomaniaBudapest, HungaryVienna, AustriaPrague, Czech RepublicKrakow, PolandJägala Waterfall, 74205 Harjumaa, EstoniaLapland, FinlandICEBAR, Marknadsvägen, Jukkasjärvi, SwedenBergen, NorwayCopenhagen, DenmarkBerlin, GermanyAmsterdam, NetherlandsKeukenhof, Stationsweg, Lisse, NetherlandsEdinburgh, United KingdomInverness, United KingdomBallybunion, IrelandCliffs of Moher, Clare, IrelandCornwall, EnglandStonehenge, Amesbury, United KingdomLondon, United KingdomBrussels, BelgiumParis, FrancePamplona, SpainLagos, PortugalGranada, SpainIbiza, SpainBarcelona, SpainLuberone, Bonnieux, FranceNice, FranceMonte Carlo, MonacoInterlaken, Switzerland The USA Via National Landmarks How it was done: Interactive Map: Road trip stopping at major U.S. landmarks After less than a minute, the genetic algorithm […]
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For all the people that want to know the answer but were afraid to ask the questions
For all the people that want to know the answer but were afraid to ask the questions…. Submit your questions now… “Ask a Cop” Ask us a question.. | Coptalk.Info – What you do not know will shock you!Here is your chance to ask us cops a question. Submit a question, if we use it you’ll be entered in a monthly drawing for a free copy of our book! Please
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Now this is the way to roll as a big rig driver
Now this is the way to roll as a big rig driver….  
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Interesting information about Model Releases for images
What you think might or might not need a model release, if you plan on selling your images… +500px 10 Photos You Wouldn’t Think Need Model Releases, But DoJust now starting to license your photos? Don’t miss out on this list of 10 photos you wouldn’t think need model releases, but actually do. A few of them are bound to surprise you.
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I wonder what word is under the tape on this plate frame…..
Ps… Driven by an 80plus year old lady….  
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Had to finally give in and look this up – This is because my Mom was an English teacher and I HATED English classes… Well that and the fact this is not confusing at all…!!!!!!!
Meaning of Affect and Effect In order to understand the correct situation in which to use the word affect or effect, the first thing one must do is have a clear understanding of what each word means. Affect is a verb. It means to produce a change in or influence something. Effect is a noun that can also be used as a verb. It means a change that occurred. When an "s" is added, "effects" means personal belongings.
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Well – this is either the end of G+ or the beginning of G+ – I guess we will see what happens
Originally shared by +Bradley Horowitz Just wanted to confirm that the rumors are true — I’m excited to be running Google’s Photos and Streams products! It’s important to me that these changes are properly understood to be positive improvements to both our products and how they reach users.  
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+Shifty Jelly are things ok over there? Should we send help
I am not complaining if web access was free… but ….. I am also not saying that my 9 bucks I paid would buy you more servers or load balancers… So really I guess I cannot complain…. #shiftjelly #pocketcasts #ouch  
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Good bye old technology
Good bye old technology.. welcome to the dumpster……  
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