This used to be the coolest hobby I had… 100s of hours tweaking… Engineering… Assembling… Crashing… Begging for more money…

29 Mar 2015 admin In G+ Posts

Now everything comes assembled and is instant gratification….

That's a parenting fail if you do not make your kids invest their time to have something cool… Especially when it will affect how they look at fixing things throughout their lives..


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  1. Kevin Gault 29 Mar 2015 Reply

    I have the same model somewhere in a tub somewhere. I found more satisfaction buildign it than runing it. Knowing I built it and it ran was the joy and then fixing the damages.
    I guess it's product of our time when these things come pre-built. So many miss out on the real fun.

  2. Brent Burzycki 29 Mar 2015 Reply

    That would sum up the Lego Millennium falcon I built..

  3. Tausif Khan 30 Mar 2015 Reply

    can you send one to india?

  4. Chris Bertrand 30 Mar 2015 Reply

    My wife recently tried to find new RC car for me to ASSEMBLE… She searched for about a month for a kit that was not "Ready To Run" before giving up and finding a different gift for my birthday. It's sad really; building the kit was always part of the fun. Plus when it came time to fix it (after the inevitable crash) you were already familiar with it inside and out.

  5. Brent Burzycki 30 Mar 2015 Reply

    +Chris Bertrand​ I think the world does not want to put anything together anymore… And in turn when people need things they cannot get already assembled they will be the first to go after the disaster that limits access to those items whatever they might be..

    But I see this lack of knowledge everywhere these days… From the people I need to hire to work for me to kids growing up… Its a core human skill to build and create and I have to say the majority of people I know have no idea how to do this…

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