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  1. ееее blackbird

  2. Frank Elkins 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    First time to see Okinawa 1966

  3. Randall Rader 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    Was visiting a friend in England. Driving down one of their "interstates" I looked up and saw a Blackbird coming in for a landing. About caused a major accident/international incident rubber necking . . .

  4. Frank Elkins 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    Yep I understand they had that one in Okinawa pushed up in the bunker
    parking spot and I thought I was being sneaky and looking at it

  5. Michael Gagnier 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    So cool!

  6. David Cheng 17 Nov 2016 Reply


  7. That there is a beautiful craft

  8. David Galvan 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    My #1 creation that was made. When they built this machine they were ahead into the future. SR-71 the best!!!

  9. Jubei Kibagami 17 Nov 2016 Reply


  10. Ford Lee 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    stood at the end of the runway Plant 42, had one fly right over my head, made the ground shake.

  11. Shane Trainhan 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    that spy plane is realy nice

  12. Ajay Kumar 18 Nov 2016 Reply

    It's cool

  13. Peter Ford 18 Nov 2016 Reply

    Still drop-dead gorgeous after almost 60 years. The poster child for the phrase "Looks good, flies good."

  14. Bryan Chacon 20 Nov 2016 Reply


  15. Zane Jenkins 20 Nov 2016 Reply

    Stealth technology came from aliens. So does our nanotechnology.

  16. Orrin Gloetzner 22 Nov 2016 Reply


  17. Bryan Chacon 22 Nov 2016 Reply

    Ya cool

  18. Yesenia Becerra 23 Nov 2016 Reply

    Te is cool

  19. I love the SR-71 blackbird it is my favorite aircraft!

  20. Harvey Scott 28 Nov 2016 Reply

    First time I saw Edward 1983.

  21. Charles Marino 28 Nov 2016 Reply

    Beautiful aircraft!!!!

  22. John Nichols 4 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Frank Elkins at one time there were 3 there.

  23. John Nichols 4 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Andrew Dorner Bad ass Mustang! Nice tribute!

  24. John Nichols 4 Dec 2016 Reply

    And to think the original was CIA, single seat, and was also fitted to fire the AIM 52. That missle went on first to the F 111, dropped and then to the. F14

  25. +John Nichols thank you, she is my baby. I do car shows all the time and use her as a tribute piece. God bless the men and woman who serve our country.

  26. mmmkay… ;-/\

  27. Ernest Parker 14 Dec 2016 Reply

    Love this bird

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