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  1. Twywh Hsejj 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    If you're having a long week (and who among us isn't?), perhaps what you need is a newly-discovered poem written in 1918 by A. A. M

  2. These are our finest troops right?

  3. David Cheng 17 Nov 2016 Reply


  4. Opposite Catfish 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    Are those Hunters?

  5. I think

  6. Yes they are

  7. Alex Maternowski 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    Lol love aircrafts!

  8. Me too

  9. Stephen Nellett 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    I'd like to know the back story as to why these fighter planes are rolling down a highway…?

  10. Scott Noble 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    +Stephen Nellett
    In Europe and elsewhere, airbases are known, fixed targets. Airforce's will designate and reinforce sections of highway like this as alternate airfields or dispersal points in case of war. At times they will practice deployments. That's what this looks like.

    ( I grew up in Germany during the Cold War. )

  11. David Galvan 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    Too cool!!! But a little freaky

  12. Stephen Nellett 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    +Scott Noble Very cool, thanks for the info! I figured it had to be something like that, but having never seen it, I wasn't sure.

  13. Alex Maternowski 18 Nov 2016 Reply

    I don't aircrafts

  14. Ngoc Anh 19 Nov 2016 Reply

    duong bay dep

  15. Terry Revels 19 Nov 2016 Reply

    Wow thats impressive

  16. Kevin Taylor 19 Nov 2016 Reply

    With the world

  17. Big Daddy 18 Dec 2016 Reply


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