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  1. Jace Sobey 20 Nov 2016 Reply

    Cool what is that aircraft?

  2. it is ein engländer… mmmhkay!

  3. amelia is on that island trinity somethingy… mmmhkay?

  4. Jack Ferris 20 Nov 2016 Reply

    That,s a nice plane,is it yours

  5. +Jack Ferris hmmm mmmh kay?/\ way… Fairchild A-6-M Kaï Zero Zeke?

  6. +Jack Ferris nope…

  7. Jace Sobey 20 Nov 2016 Reply


  8. Robert A. Ortiz 20 Nov 2016 Reply

    Yea,gas powered put puts,my friends move without gas,pull through worm holes from across the galaxies, I've seen them out their,move like a shooting star,and then do a 160 the other direction,wow

  9. Dean Sonneborn 20 Nov 2016 Reply

    No counter rotating props. Your left foot is going to get tired.

  10. +Dean Sonneborn are ya kidding? My left foot? Like really?/// mmmhkay and pffffeeeeeuw ty mem!

  11. Jaebez Bleah 20 Nov 2016 Reply

    I just +1d this and it got 101

  12. Della Wilson 20 Nov 2016 Reply

    Mc kxddqe

  13. Stephen Jones 20 Nov 2016 Reply

    hello speedster

  14. Amelia Trinidad 20 Nov 2016 Reply


  15. Brian Archer 20 Nov 2016 Reply

    Bellanca 28-92, C/N 903

  16. Emily Okeefe 21 Nov 2016 Reply

    I like u

  17. Evelina Froilan 21 Nov 2016 Reply

    Cool airplane

  18. Juan Andres 21 Nov 2016 Reply

    R jh

  19. Juan Andres 21 Nov 2016 Reply


  20. Gabor K Horvath 21 Nov 2016 Reply

    Landing must be a bitch in that plane.

  21. Lo Ta 21 Nov 2016 Reply


  22. Reiyan Ansari 21 Nov 2016 Reply

    It's brilliant

  23. +Robert A. Ortiz Hey Worm Hole???! Did you just call me an ass whole???

  24. better still never mention cows and asses too pffffeeeeeuw…

  25. +Jaebez Bleah really? You plussed this??? Are you german by any Chanche?

  26. +Gabor K Horvath Pilot hey????

  27. +Juan Andres JR too

  28. +Reiyan Ansari TY apreciate that!!!!?!! Really?? No and shut up please my ears are ringing/\… haha hehehehe

  29. Kazia Martin 21 Nov 2016 Reply

    Oh no

  30. Jaebez Bleah 21 Nov 2016 Reply

    +MC Cpt.Neo144 Chagua Nope, I'm from west Africa. And what is wrong with giving this post a +1?

  31. +Jaebez Bleah nothing just kidding… man… shoot me if ya wanna… i will duck in time… lol…

  32. Maretha James 22 Nov 2016 Reply


  33. Maretha James 22 Nov 2016 Reply


  34. Don Bonser 22 Nov 2016 Reply


  35. Butch Jekins 23 Nov 2016 Reply

    I love that plane it is a beauty

  36. Andrew Johnson 24 Nov 2016 Reply


  37. jerome geoligao 26 Nov 2016 Reply

    Its just a…..

  38. Wow nice plane anyways when I'm done with school all I'm gonna be a pilot it's a dangerous job but it's a risk to do it.

  39. jerome geoligao 3 Dec 2016 Reply

    Woah…how nice…

  40. +jerome geoligao I know Right?

  41. jerome geoligao 4 Dec 2016 Reply

    Good because you know…hehehe😀😊😊

  42. … I don't

  43. Paul Barnes 28 Dec 2016 Reply

    It don't look all that good to me

  44. Why not Paul barnes

  45. Paul Barnes 29 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Terminator9288 Cyborg well I'm into the new age Jets that just did not appeal to me Jets stealth Fighters jump jet carriers jets with awesome Firepower that's what appeals to me the one you like if you like hey keep your beliefs keep walking in your belief I'll walk and mine anybody has a Direction they prefer to walk you got yours I got mine God bless

  46. +Paul Barnes Ok cool.

  47. Daniel Butler 6 Jan 2017 Reply

    Daeray Ms.

  48. Daniel Butler 7 Jan 2017 Reply

    Damon No .net Daniel Butler

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