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  1. Who takes these pictures??

  2. alisa b. daniels 10 May 2016 Reply

    This is awesome and wonderful. I love the Blue Angels.

  3. Dipu Chako 10 May 2016 Reply

    Aren't't those 2, black birds? Sr 71?

  4. VICKY MAHADEVAN 10 May 2016 Reply

    +Syëd Tãhå Zâyd
    god's camera

  5. Bon Vili 10 May 2016 Reply

    SR-71, YF-12 ,T-38

  6. David Cheng 10 May 2016 Reply


  7. Jurgen Coucke 10 May 2016 Reply

    Black Bird?

  8. ARDU Biz 10 May 2016 Reply

    New model is not named anything that cool this time, it's complicated and stacked. I think it starts with letter P for the nickname. It's forgettable and too shiny for the purpose. I just posted a picture if it because it was just announced as testing in flight. Experimental a are not usually babblered about because failure means less funding. This is a great photo I'll have to look again at the yf12

  9. RedDragon emperor 10 May 2016 Reply

    Is that the sr-71 blackbird

  10. no.

  11. its the banchee from HALO

  12. Soniel Vega 11 May 2016 Reply


  13. Soniel Vega 11 May 2016 Reply

    Doesn't look like banchee from halo

  14. Rock Valintine 28 May 2016 Reply

    Yer ALL wrong!…Its two U.F.O.s…with child.!!

  15. alisa b. daniels 2 Jun 2016 Reply

    The first plane that got me into military aircraft was the Blackbird. Followed by the the flying wing,then the F – 117. Anything Kelly Johnson and the skunkworks created and built is and was amazing. The thing that still shocks me is how on it's retiring mission it created a new speed record.

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