Martin B-26B Marauder

08 May 2016 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Ray Powell 8 May 2016 Reply

    What happened to the pilot?

  2. David Mckenzie 8 May 2016 Reply

    He was in the back opening the bomb bay doors

  3. Ray Powell 8 May 2016 Reply

    +David Mckenzie well I suppose somebody had to do it! Lol

  4. Robert Àckerman 8 May 2016 Reply

    Flying in a straight line to drop your bombs. Sitting Duck 4 anti aircraft fire. And probably a few enemy Fighters. God bless.

  5. Ray Powell 8 May 2016 Reply

    +Robert Àckerman yes Bomber crews were the most brave in the sky's , the have my utmost admiration.

  6. Edson Giorgette 9 May 2016 Reply

    C é loco hein

  7. David Cheng 9 May 2016 Reply


  8. Ray Powell 9 May 2016 Reply

    Is it just me but this picture looks wrong! It looks like a Propaganda Picture ?

  9. Gary Morden 13 May 2016 Reply

    We have one here in Victoria BC. It was converted to a dry chemical firefighter aircraft.

  10. Gamer's QuestHQ 19 May 2016 Reply

    I don't get it

  11. Gamer's QuestHQ 19 May 2016 Reply

    Why is it black white Hahahahaha really

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