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  1. Dean Sonneborn 10 May 2016 Reply

    Last I heard he was still flying piper Cubs out of grass valley California.

  2. PIPPY PRICE 10 May 2016 Reply

    A great, great man.

  3. Saw him fly an F-86 at the St. Louis air show in '48 (I think).

  4. PIPPY PRICE 10 May 2016 Reply


  5. Eleana Campoverde 10 May 2016 Reply

    +PIPPY PRICE​ buon pomeriggio. Mi puoi dire come si chiama questo signore e che rango ha adesso? Te ringrazio.

  6. Ron Herron 11 May 2016 Reply

    CHUCK YEAGER a great man

  7. PIPPY PRICE 11 May 2016 Reply

    +Eleana Campoverde His name is Chuck Yeager (General) in the US Airforce he is now retired he is and was an inigma pilot during WW2 and beyond it would take me to long to tell you his remarkable history but if your looking to know more there's a book simply called YEAGER a great read.

  8. Eleana Campoverde 11 May 2016 Reply

    +PIPPY PRICE si posso immaginare la sua storia che racconta il libro. Era solo per conoscere un po la vita militare in vista che mi piace tutto quello che vola e conoscere le persone. Ti ringraziamo della informazioni. Sei stato molto gentile. Lo appresso molto e ti auguro una buona giornata.🌹

  9. Mable Cage 11 May 2016 Reply


  10. PIPPY PRICE 11 May 2016 Reply

    Eleana. Thanks for the complement good luck to your family.

  11. Mable Cage 11 May 2016 Reply

    How long you been in the service

  12. PIPPY PRICE 11 May 2016 Reply

    Since l finished college then to Enapalise then Navy Seals

  13. Chelsea Whitaker 11 May 2016 Reply

    Thank you for you work

  14. Mr. Chuck Yeager God bless you Hero!

  15. luis reina 29 May 2016 Reply


  16. James Boese 13 Apr 2017 Reply

    Saw him fly a Mustang at Oskosh a few years ago. They had every Mustang able to fly lined up along the flight line that year! Also the last Concorde flights that year.

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