New Day's Hope

Everyone should read and chime in on this post from +Tamara Pruessner as I have seen this decline in G+ and it worries me and my continuing participation.. make sure to comment on her post…. and this one if you wish…

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New Day's Hope

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how my main stream no longer shows everyone, or even a few and their newest posts, about how my own posts get increasingly smaller interaction, and how if my posts are doing that, then everyone's are. I think the algorithm that governs what we see and what others see of our own stuff has gotten too restrictive. And it frustrates me to no end – especially when I have 100 new posts in my stream and most are either 24 hours old, something I have already seen (and plussed or commented) or both. Fresh isn't happening anymore and it is FRUSTRATING.

I don't normally notify anyone of my posts but for this, I am (and I am not even sure how many will get the notification – over 3500 in my circles). What I am proposing is an experiment of sorts. To all of those that comment on this post, I will go to your stream and plus the heck out of you, comment as much as possible, and over the next week, share a few my favorite posts. Here is the catch – you have to share this post or something similar, calling your own circles to action.

Let's see if we can shake up the algorithm a bit. Let's see if we can take back control of our streams LIKE WE SHOULD HAVE. Let's see if our streams start showing our favorite people again. A week from now, I will make a new post so I can see if my stream has changed… hopefully, mine will and so will yours.

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