My First Camera….. Minolta MaXXum…50mm

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  1. Rich Levin 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    My first 35mm was a 1950s Argus. I graduated to a Minolta SRT-202 (black) in the 70s. My first camera was probably a Kodak Instamatic. My first motion picture camera was a Bell & Howell 8mm. My first video camera was a Sony Portapak. It was a reel-to-reel B&W luggable.

  2. Elizabeth Hahn 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    I think my first camera was a Kodak too. First SLR was a Canon Rebel, that was sadly stolen many years ago 🙁

  3. Arnav Mukherjee 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    Agfa and then a Minolta 7000i with a 50 prime.

  4. Chris Faithfull 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    I still have a Minolta stashed in a bag somewhere , hasn't been used since i got my first canon , a 400d but I still keep it ya never know when a light painting urge may strike , Film is so much better for fast moving lights.

  5. Steve Phariss 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    Pentax k1000 was my first real camera (there where a couple instamatics but they don't count )

    In the 80's I had (and still own) a Minolta x700. Great camera had a lot of fun with it

    Now I have a Pentax K5

    I also acquired a chinon cp-5 (????) that still powers up last I checked

  6. Chris Denny 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    I have a Canon T 70 that I still use with a 35-105mm lens, and 244T flash. Takes great photos still. I generally use 800 film in it for most of my everyday shots.

  7. Ed Greshko 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    I don't know if I still have it. It my be ar my parents house in the US. But it was a Brownie Starlet.

  8. Greg Dominguez 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    My first was a Pentax MX-1 I purchased new in 1978, gave it to a young man in 1985 when I got a Canon A-1.

  9. Brent Burzycki 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    +Chris Denny man look at all the cool features..

    +Steve Phariss almost bought the x700 – I think my parents thought fully manual was a bit too much for a 6y/o

    +Rich Levin like this one?

  10. Mike Keller 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    My first camera (that I bought in 1974) was a Mamiya DSX1000. It was stolen about 1975, but I bought a replacement (homeowner's insurance) and still have it, with 50, 21 and 105 lenses.
    This is not my OLDEST camera, just my first. 🙂

  11. Joel Kaneshiro 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    Still have my Minolta Maxxum 7000. Used it in a black & white photography class a couple of years ago. Now shooting with a Nikon D7000. Coincidence? Fate? 🙂

  12. Lauren Wickline 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    I had the leaky Velveeta camera!

  13. Lauren Wickline 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    Oh, and no I don't use it anymore, obviously. It barely worked to begin with. Fun question, +Brent Burzycki . I haven't thought about that thing in years!

  14. John Wright 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    I had a Minolta X700. I used it for a few years but as a poor college student couldn't afford enough film to get any good. It sat in my closet for years and then I gave it away.

  15. Brent Burzycki 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    +Joel Kaneshiro 🙂 – Fate….

  16. Chuck Uebele 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    Kodak Browie, then my dad's Argus, then MY first 35mm: Minolta SRT 101.

  17. Stephen Cysewski 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    First real camera Mamiya Sekor 500TL. 1967!

  18. Arnav Mukherjee 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    Interesting to see so many of us has had a Minolta.

  19. Brent Burzycki 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    I agree, It was such a major manufacturer….

  20. Stuart Ponder 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    Minolta isn't really dead. I love my Sony cameras and acquired several Minolta lenses to use on them. I've had many Brooksies look at my shots and they're always astonished at the sharpness I get with the Zeiss lenses.

  21. James Merritt 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    my first camera was a Canon EOS digital rebel, kit lens. I gave it to my sister when the chance came to upgrade.

    I still really like that camera.

  22. Brent Burzycki 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    Are people still using film – or just for special projects or fun….

  23. Tilden Moschetti 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    First SLR was a NIKON FE2, currently missing. First camera was this terrible Vivitar 110.

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