Exactly, if there is nothing I like more than voice mail, its notifications…

11 Jun 2014 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Warren Searle 11 Jun 2014 Reply

    Hell yea.

  2. Kamal Tailor 11 Jun 2014 Reply

    I always switch off voice mail. It annoys the shit out of me. And if I get someone else's voice mail when I call them I hang up. 

  3. Brent Burzycki 11 Jun 2014 Reply

    I think my even larger issue is people who call.. And leave the following message… "hey when you have time give me a call" no explanation of the reason for the call… I consider myself a very busy person on most every day… So that person might wait a week before I "have time" … And that an honest answer.. Because if I call them back and leave a voice mail I solve no issues…

  4. Kamal Tailor 11 Jun 2014 Reply

    I at least leave a name and number when I do leave a message. 

  5. Warren Searle 11 Jun 2014 Reply

    If i hear voice mail, its a sign that its time for me to hang up… which i do.

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