So we are starting a new thing weekly here in the community – Weekly Photo Pick!

TWiP Community:

What do you have to do to get picked – Nothing!
Well one thing, just keep posting your images to the community under the post your work section. Notice I said your photos, as photos taken by others will not be considered.

What do you get? Your photo that is picked will be pinned to the top of the board and everyone in the community will see it..

What can you do to promote shots? Post your best work and be a good community member and interact with everyone here.

Other than that, here is the first photo of the week from +Caleb Swanson who has been positing excellent examples of close up macro work for months here in the community. Caleb, keep it up and keep shooting….!

+This Week in Photo (TWiP) #twipweeklyphoto

Originally shared by +Caleb Swanson

Another shot of this guy. He is being curious about my flash diffuser.

+Macro GALLERY curated by +Heinrich Wagner #macrogallery
+MacroManiacs #macromaniacs
+Macro4All #macro4all
+HQSP Macro #hqspmacro
+HQSP Winners #hqspwinners


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