After posting a question to 500px here are the answers for items related to sale…

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After posting a question to 500px here are the answers for items related to sale of images…on the new marketplace This is only somewhat related to nude image sales and printing, but there are many other questions that will pertain to everyone using the service. The only question i failed to ask was that of variable downloaded image pricing. So I will try to get that answered also as I know many would feel the 2.99 price is not enough for personal use….

I would like to thank Alex at +500px for taking the time to answer the questions.

 I have to say i find their changes very positive so far and they seem to be listening to the users. I would hope to see more features and sales items, but for now it is very interesting at least to me..

I have also ordered one of their Canvas prints and will report back on how it shows up and what the overall quality is for the price. CanvasPop seems like a really nice company to deal with, but as we all know, proof is in the print…

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Hi Brent,

I'm happy to try to answer these:

#1 – Is the sale of nude images something that will remain as an option in the marketplace? This is very important to me as I have invested a top on time and effort into several sites and in turn they have limited or killed off the sale of nude images… thus tons of effort and work lost…

We have no plans to change the availability of nude or adult content. It's impossible to promise things will never change, but it's not happening anytime soon.

#2 – When a user has Adult Content unchecked in preferences, will they see nude or NSFW images in the market feed?

No. The Adult Content settings are site-wide and will filter nudes out of the Market feed for those users.

#3 – When a user checks the "I would like to Purchase" button – how long does it take to notify the photographer?

Almost instant. May be a few minutes or an hour, depending on how busy our email queue is.

#4 – Is there a way to know if the user wanted to purchase a canvas print or just a downloadable image?


#5 – Will there be options other than Canvas prints in the future? Maybe an option in between that is not quite so expensive – maybe an 11×13 or other similar size that is not mounted etc?

Since we've partnered with CanvasPop for our prints, we probably won't go away from selling Canvas, but different sizes and prices are definitely something we're strongly considering.

#6 – Why do we need to supply images without watermarks? Is this based on cropping sizes?

Users are very disappointed when they spend $200 on a canvas and it arrives with a watermark across it. You can watermark you original uploaded photos (the ones that are displayed on 500px) but be sure to upload non-watermarked (and no borders!) to your Store via

#7 – Can we select the crop for all images – right now I see the system assigns sizes, but then does not give a crop option in all instances?

If it matches one of our crops almost perfectly, we select it automatically. Otherwise you can pick it manually. We may change this in the future for further photographer control.

#8 – Will you be adding links from our Portfolio pages to purchase images? Or include a link to purchase from the Contact page? Or even better have a way to link to a page with all images we are offering for sale on 500px?

Maybe. We're discussing ways to handle this.

#9 – If I upload a general image for my 500px page – low resolution – then come back in and want to enable it in my store, so I then upload a high res with no watermark, what will be displayed on my 500px page vs the store page vs. what the customer will receive or what is cropped by the system?

The original low-res photo will be displayed on 500px, the high-res version will only be used for printing or digital download sales.

#10 – Are stories going to remain part of the site and if so will there be a way to link them to our Portfolio? If so this might make a nice way for portfolio users to add photo post updates to their portfolio pages.

At this time we don't have any changes to Stories to announce, but it's a feature we will continue to embrace and improve.

#11 – Any plans to add a "Nude" category / subject on the market page if Adult Content is unchecked for users?

I don't know. I'll share your request for that option with the team to consider.

#12 – Can Non Members purchase images?

Yes. An account is created for them during the purchase process.

#13 – Any plans to help photographers using the market sell images?

We build the tools and do our best to help photographers get found, but marketing yourself is up to you 🙂

#14 – Any plans for a plugin or link for wordpress where we can easily direct customers to our market area?

Maybe. There's some third party WordPress plugins out there, but I don't know what they do how how well they work. You're welcome to use our API to develop your own plugins too.

#15 – Any plans for a direct market page for all offered images for each specific photographer – actually never mind – I would assume we just drive people to this page: per say…

That's correct.

Thanks Brent!

Support, 500px

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  1. Brent Burzycki 30 Nov 2012 Reply

    +J. Rae Chip well i am not sure the sales I will ever get – but i am happy that they are not prohibiting nude work and also give me an ave to sell at all….

    Sadly Smugmug did not give me that option and closed my account, nor many other services other than printing them my self… and shipping myself…

    2.99 downloads for personal use.. hmm.. well we will see how that goes.. I can only hope for the best…

  2. Brent Burzycki 30 Nov 2012 Reply

    +J. Rae Chip Censored for what? How many dislikes do you have? I counted mine and was a bit amazed at the number…

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