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I have been trying to buy the BOND 50 – 22 Blue Ray set for like a week – First I saw it was in the Sharper Image Catalog for 259.99 not a bad price… then I looked around and found it on Best Buy for 149.99 with Free Shipping….wow that's a great price…

But here is the catch with these two vendors – Sharper Image (even thou its a brand new catalog) will not honor the price or the item and just pulled it off there site and you cannot order it…

Best Buy is offering free shipping, but as you can see it shipping is not available and also it is not available in all but one or two stores for pickup in the Bay Area?

Anyone know or tried to buy this set? Am I just having no luck whatsoever?

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  1. Craig Pifer 29 Nov 2012 Reply

    One thing that I learned a few years ago is that just because it doesn't show as available for in store pickup doesn't mean that the store doesn't have it in stock. It might be worth stopping in, or calling, the store to see if they actually have it. That's a great price if you can get it.

  2. Brent Burzycki 29 Nov 2012 Reply

    I have been told it was 99 on Amazon the other day…. I clearly need to be in the loop more

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