You will be really happy with the seminar

17 Aug 2011 admin In G+ Posts
tons of stuff taught in a short time and the ability to ask tons of questions…. Plus +mark daughn is a good guy… it's how I learned the stuff I know……

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Just registered for Mark Daughn's glamour and nude workshop in LA in November. Thanks to +Brent Burzycki for the recommendation. I am very excited to work with Mark and get some more experience along the lines of glamour and nude photography. The link is NSFW but if anyone else decides to register then I'll see you there!

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Mark Daughn Photography Seminars and Workshops – Los Angeles 2011
Mark Daughn professional glamour pinup beauty fashion photographer and fantasy artist. Workshops, educational DVD, lessons, private instructions, private glamour photography, seminars, teaching, glam…

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