Yet one more thing most have asked for…..Collapsing Comments…

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Yet one more thing most have asked for…..Collapsing Comments…

Reshared post from +Jonathan Terleski

Today we're rolling out the ability to collapse and expand comments in your stream, as well as a few tweaks to the way real-time comments are displayed. Thanks again and let us know what you think!


Video Transcript

It's been great to hear that one of your favorite parts about Google+ is the dynamic nature of the Stream. In real-time, posts and comments arrive in your stream — no refresh required.

While this is pretty awesome, it can sometimes be overwhelming. You've said that really active conversations with lots of comments can take over your stream. And comments appearing in real-time can sometimes make updates hard to read.

Well, today, we're fixing all this.

First, we're making it so you can easily expand and collapse comments in the Stream. Just click once to expand, click again to collapse.

And when comments arrive in real-time, we'll automatically collapse them. But, we'll still keep track of which comments you've read and which you haven't. This way, you get to choose when to engage and when not to.

We hope both of these features make your stream more pleasant to read. These are just two of the many improvements we're making based on your feedback.

Thanks again for all your great ideas and keep them coming!

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  1. Tim Norman 16 Aug 2011 Reply

    That's great. Though it was solved by an extension it needs to be built into the service. (And that guy doing the video could be a great Weird Al impersonator.)

  2. Brent Burzycki 16 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Tim Norman Totally a wierd al impersonator… 🙂 thats the first thing I thought also..

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