Why you should take photos in RAW

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  1. Sandra Parlow 22 Dec 2012 Reply

    You should post this in the BTL community Brent 😉   (just added a "tips" section)  😉

  2. Brent Burzycki 22 Dec 2012 Reply

    hmm I guess I would need to re-post it… because you cannot reshare it there or can I? hmmm

  3. Ed White 22 Dec 2012 Reply

    Why shoot raw? My usual response: Do you want a few million colors? Or several tens of billions? #CaseClosed  

  4. Brent Burzycki 22 Dec 2012 Reply

    +Ed White I agree… mine is usually – hey – if you mess up like I have.. you might just be able to save your bacon…

    I have a terrible tendency to shoot many different ways lately.. and when you walk from a studio setup to landscape and forget to oh lets say check your camera settings.. it can be painful… mainly after I get done hitting myself after looking at the shots ….

  5. Ed White 22 Dec 2012 Reply

    Well, for me it gives me incredible exposure and color latitude. It's not so much that it lets me correct, it just lets me plan to get the most data possible preserved into the JPG. This, for example, would not have been possible in JPG: https://plus.google.com/108672910767907505588/posts/GVMFS9ssGxH

  6. Alfie Goodrich 22 Dec 2012 Reply

    JPEG = a print
    RAW = a neg

    And we all know how shit our photos used to look if you tried making copies from prints….

  7. Dennis Suitters 22 Dec 2012 Reply

    Feel free to join and share this in the Open Source Photography community too.

  8. Chris Newham 22 Dec 2012 Reply

    Very good graphic.

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