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  1. ronald raber 12 Oct 2015 Reply


  2. Chris Hansen 12 Oct 2015 Reply

    Is that "Fat Albert" ?

  3. Brent Burzycki 12 Oct 2015 Reply

    Yep…. This was from over Fleet Week this week… Shot by some unknown plane by the staff of the Fleet Week organization to use for promotion of fleet week…

  4. Tanisha Harvey 13 Oct 2015 Reply

    Awesome "

  5. Chris Hansen 13 Oct 2015 Reply

    Thanks, +Brent Burzycki .

  6. Terry Hill 13 Oct 2015 Reply

    Makes me want to go back in and work on C130’s again

  7. Sue Hyde 13 Oct 2015 Reply

    Has anyone got a photo of our Vulcan bomber that has been used recently in displays. It will fly no more shortly – a fantastic looking plane. It has a distinctive sound when flying known as "a howl" .

  8. Terry Hill 13 Oct 2015 Reply

    You can still see them at Air show's

  9. Sue Hyde 13 Oct 2015 Reply

    Not after end of this month Terry. I suppose will be stuck in some museum somewhere in UK. Hence need for a good photo…

  10. Sue Hyde 13 Oct 2015 Reply

    Someone sent me film of Vulcan. Thanks. Can't find it now. I am new to G+ so forgive me. I will check it out on UTube.

  11. Mike Brown 13 Oct 2015 Reply

    Technical support has been withdrawn for the last flying Vulcan Bomber, so its to be mothballed.

  12. Ray Powell 13 Oct 2015 Reply

    Last time I go economy 😇

  13. David Cheng 14 Oct 2015 Reply


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