What a load out

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  1. Bob Gibson 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    You got that right you name it it has it

  2. Elton Xia 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    How is this possible?

  3. Wolf Maye 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    I've flown one of those

  4. Zac Lowing 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Elton Xia it's not possible all at once

  5. Wolf Maye 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Elton Xia its what it can carry

  6. Stuart Ponder 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Is that an F4 Phantom?

  7. Norman Ma 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Buyers like options…

  8. reza azarpira 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    F4 phantom

  9. Jimmy Craig 23 Aug 2015 Reply


  10. reza azarpira 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Stuart Ponder yes

  11. Wolf Maye 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    If u know how to fly it its more awesome

  12. Greg Guffey 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Wat to use wat to use

  13. Wolf Maye 23 Aug 2015 Reply


  14. What's the possible configurations?

  15. Wolf Maye 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Adrian Levi who r u asking?

  16. Timothy Baskett 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Adrian Levi Its almost infinite. One possible configuration, 4) AIM-9 Sidewinder Air to Air missiles, 4) AIM-7 Sparrow AAM, 2 wing mounted drop tanks, and a centerline drop tank. Another is 12) 500lb bombs, 2) wing mounted drop tanks, 4) AIM-9 AAM's, and a centerline mounted 20mm cannon pod. This is a Navy F-4 Phantom, so they never had an internal 20mm cannon.

  17. Paul Burke 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    The F-4 could carry a larger bomb load than the B-17! And a LOT faster! 🙂

  18. Tipu Sultan 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Ajabgojob coming soon. Wildfire, tornado, flood ;earthquake etc

  19. Timothy Baskett 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Bring it!!

  20. Somsak panjing 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Take arms several times.

  21. It is not one load it's what it can carry in different loads it won't have 4 drop tanks but two on fuselage or wing tips or all for mo weapons,

  22. thomas dobias 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Going to war

  23. It could not get off the ground with all that. F means fighter B means bomber, and most of it is carried in pods,

  24. Jim Conner 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    They cycled a reserve squadron through carrier quals back in 87 and it was a joy to see those old birds, along with a squadron of F8's give those hornets a run for their money. They were showing their age compared to the fresh new 18's

  25. Timothy Baskett 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Jim Conner Never got to see the Crusaders, but we had an A-7 we used for ground direction training.

  26. Jim Conner 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    We had a squadron of corsairs on the Ike, the damn steering would break on them when they hit the wire and the hot chockers would risk their asses throwing chocks under them so they wouldn't roll around. Happened more than a few times. Glad to see those man eaters go.

  27. Donald Gross 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Awesome picture

  28. Dennys Gacita 23 Aug 2015 Reply


  29. seide wolsabo 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    One To every illigal bread

  30. Darth Minty 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Look, every single one of you, at those bombs. That's what your leaders prefer to buy over textbooks, medical supplies & food. Wtf is wrong with you ppl that you don't see a problem there?

  31. Micah Burke 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Lol ^^^

  32. Kevin Gault 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Just because our leaders can't balance a budget, don't knock the defense of this country. Don't like it? Move to another country.

  33. Darth Minty 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Kevin Gault heh and thus it is that you reveal your ignorance of the real global situation as well as the poor education your country has provided you.

  34. William Remski 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Winged death, in all its explosive power.

  35. Who thinks if USA took away the military and spent the money on education? What would happen to the USA? Compleat destruction? Taken over by a militant country? Or compleat peace?

  36. Darth Minty 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +unanonymous person I never said anything about completely getting rid of the military. But if you can't look over your own post & see why more education spending is needed, well thanks for proving my point lol.

  37. Iv rattled your cadge

  38. Darth Minty 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +unanonymous person​ nah,you just made yourself look like you trip over your knuckles frequently. If your society & infrastructure are crumbling and you have the biggest military in the world that's much bigger than actually needed, then it's time to really weigh the pros & cons. I direct you to the words of the most famous marine General, Smedley Butler: "War is a racket".

  39. That's you opinion and to take other people's quotes is also your write, the real truth is you don't know anything about what your saying is fact, you have the media to tell you what's happening but the truth is you know as much as I do so we are orangutans walking along the road of deception together, so get back in your cadge and tell me something you know that is fact,

  40. Darth Minty 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +unanonymous person says the idiot that can't even string together a coherent sentence. Go read some books, learn how to think & get back to me when you're not quite so derpy

  41. That is very aggressive, dose that not show intelligence? Bars do not a cage make, nor anger do not a person make, why don't you take your ideology somewhere people will listen to you?

  42. Iv just looked at your previous post, you say the same over and over, why don't you do something about it instead of letting out your anger on others,no one has done you harm it's an F4 phantom in question an old aircraft. It's not a debate about government spending.

  43. Sad

  44. Kevin Gault 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Darth Minty on the contrary, I received a very good education but then I wasn't having to rely on the government for it. My parents worked for a living. I live in a federal government and not a socialist one that you and the left want us to be.

  45. Darth Minty 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Kevin Gault that is such a face palm moment & shows such a poor understanding of what the words federal & socialist means, on top of making a stupid assumption. Seems like your good education didn't teach you much about thinking critically.

  46. Darth Minty 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +unanonymous person you are too dumb apparently to get the point I was making. Please, don't talk to me anymore, your stupidity is painful.

  47. Kevin Gault 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Darth Minty You show your own ignorance if you don't know the difference between a Federalism and Socialist state. You should know your facts before criticizing. Thanks for playing your own ignorance card.

  48. Darth Minty 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Kevin Gault Ok dummy. First it's a Federal Republic, get your words straight. Federalism doesn't always imply or require a republic, although they're often hand in hand. Go look up all the (many) socialist policies the u.s has practiced since long before you were born.

  49. Jim Conner 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Why does it always come down to personal attacks? A thread showing the awesome capability of an aircraft becomes a string of insults and personal attacks. The only thing missing now are the Yo Mama So Fat jokes…😁😁😁

  50. Kevin Gault 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    Yeah Darth Minty showed his intelligence calling me a dummy. lol. Maybe if he had the balls not to hide behind a childish name I would take him seriously.

  51. Jim Conner 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    It was a bit silly to post something like that when he knew everyone appreciating Brent's post was going to take issue. Kind of like photobombing, huh? Pun intended.

  52. Darth Minty 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Kevin Gault I don't tolerate stupidity or ignorance well. I'm tired of ppl like you who think they're so clever but can't even be bothered to use the words correctly when they're trying to sound smart. No patience for it. If you can't look at the world and realize there are more important things than being able to kill someone you don't know on the other side of the planet then there's a real problem with your so called education. If you can't look at this picture and see the dollar signs taken away from things like critical infrastructure such as highways & schools then you're simply willfully blind, immensely selfish or incredibly stupid, or some combination thereof. I hope Gault is your real last name & not some pathetic identification with a character from a poorly written novel with a discredited philosophy.

  53. Darth Minty 23 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Jim Conner stupidity & ignorance in a technological society should be a crime & is morally repugnant.

  54. Roberta Stilp 24 Aug 2015 Reply

    What's going on in the picture

  55. James Hotler 24 Aug 2015 Reply

    That's a fact jack

  56. Edsonlima Lima 24 Aug 2015 Reply

    Gostei brent valeu

  57. Darth Minty 24 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Roberta Stilp it's a visual representation of all the various types of ordinance an F-4 fighter-bomber from the Vietnam era could potentially carry. Those are mostly bombs with a few missiles thrown in for good measure. Every single one costs several thousand dollars plus. And I'm pretty sure there's even some napalm tanks there too.

  58. Very good and no cannon because no dog fighting skill so they realised this and opened top gun

  59. Darth Minty 24 Aug 2015 Reply

    +unanonymous person all the later versions of this aircraft had cannon after all the problems they had in MiG alley

  60. Yes and the British pilots had a big part in the training at top gun the Americans thought dog fighting was history but as you correctly said mig ally was a dangerous place to be

  61. Bob Gibson 26 Aug 2015 Reply

    Nice aircraft love its payload options

  62. Timothy Baskett 27 Aug 2015 Reply

    I love it when someone comes into a post to preach "their" gospel. Even though it has nothing to do with the post.

  63. Roberta Stilp 28 Aug 2015 Reply

    On things in public or anything you keep your religion or beliefs out of it. And stay on the subject

  64. Roberta Stilp 28 Aug 2015 Reply

    Did you know making one missile cost one million dollars to make and that plane 3 to 5 million to make

  65. Roberta Stilp 28 Aug 2015 Reply

    Think about it

  66. vladislav Ivanov 8 Sep 2015 Reply

    Sebody find a pic of that thing actually loaded.

  67. Stephen Kirkner 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    QF-4 drone and more than enough JDAM.

  68. Tammy Frazier 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    That's soooo veeeery impressive

  69. Reo Cruz 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    Napalm bombs and Bullpup missiles. Those were the days.

  70. vladislav Ivanov 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Reo Cruz now we have thermobarics;)

  71. Reinaldo Rivera 4 Nov 2015 Reply

    The Only One, F-4 Phantom

  72. Kurt Burgess 13 Nov 2015 Reply

    Love the B model Phantoms. Could this be an early model. Perhaps the original (so called) F-110? Nose looks short.

  73. Reo Cruz 13 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Kurt Burgess​​ I think this might be the prototype F4H-1F

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