Well +500px I think I like the changes you are making to your marketplace – that…

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Well +500px I think I like the changes you are making to your marketplace – that said I have some questions

Today started off with an email from the new 500px marketplace saying someone wanted to purchase an image I had not yet enabled in my store – This intrigued me and I dove into the new marketplace to see the changes….

Here is what I posted up at 500px to try to get some clarification on image sales in their new marketplace – Pretty nice so far – Limited yes, but seems to be off to a great start. 

Any opinions from G+ users? Any additional questions we should try to get answers for?

Just think if Google bought 500px – holy moly I would never leave the site…


First I have to say I really like the changes happening to the market – I just hope after having the following questions answered it will be my new location to try to sell images:

#1 – Is the sale of nude images something that will remain as an option in the marketplace? This is very important to me as I have invested a top on time and effort into several sites and in turn they have limited or killed off the sale of nude images… thus tons of effort and work lost…

#2 – When a user has Adult Content unchecked in preferences, will they see nude or NSFW images in the market feed?

#3 – When a user checks the "I would like to Purchase" button – how long does it take to notify the photographer?

#4 – Is there a way to know if the user wanted to purchase a canvas print or just a downloadable image?

#5 – Will there be options other than Canvas prints in the future? Maybe an option in between that is not quite so expensive – maybe an 11×13 or other similar size that is not mounted etc?

#6 – Why do we need to supply images without watermarks? Is this based on cropping sizes?

#7 – Can we select the crop for all images – right now I see the system assigns sizes, but then does not give a crop option in all instances?

#8 – Will you be adding links from our Portfolio pages to purchase images? Or include a link to purchase from the Contact page? Or even better have a way to link to a page with all images we are offering for sale on 500px?

#9 – If I upload a general image for my 500px page – low resolution – then come back in and want to enable it in my store, so I then upload a high res with no watermark, what will be displayed on my 500px page vs the store page vs. what the customer will receive or what is cropped by the system?

#10 – Are stories going to remain part of the site and if so will there be a way to link them to our Portfolio? If so this might make a nice way for portfolio users to add photo post updates to their portfolio pages.

#11 – Any plans to add a "Nude" category / subject on the market page if Adult Content is unchecked for users?

#12 – Can Non Members purchase images?

#13 – Any plans to help photographers using the market sell images?

#14 – Any plans for a plugin or link for wordpress where we can easily direct customers to our market area?

#15 – Any plans for a direct market page for all offered images for each specific photographer – actually never mind – I would assume we just drive people to this page: http://500px.com/BlackDiamond/store per say…

I am sure I will have more questions but this is a good start..

If the answers are what I am hoping I will be updating most of my images to see what it brings me…

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