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  1. Kamal Tailor 22 Dec 2016 Reply

    That the Russian Tupov 144 isn't it, going down at the airshow after it was apparently buzzed by an American plane trying to take photos of it.

  2. F. M.V. 22 Dec 2016 Reply


  3. Carlos Carvajal 22 Dec 2016 Reply

    Valkiria XB-70

  4. Shadow Rider 22 Dec 2016 Reply

    That is a pic of the XB70 Valkyrie post-accident.

    It was flying in a tight formation with four other aircraft (one of which being the deadly F-104 Starfighter, which clipped the Valkyries right rear stabilizer).
    Amazingly, the Valkyrie did not report any abnormalities until it attemptemted a course correction, which it could not execute due to the rear stabilizer being destroyed by the F-104.

  5. Cameron Beck 22 Dec 2016 Reply

    The tight formation was requested by General Electric, manufacturer of the engines used in all the formation's aircraft.

    Joe Walker, pilot of the F-104 which caused the collision, was a highly experienced NASA Test Pilot, having flown the X-15 "spaceplane" among many other craft.

    The understanding of the incident is that Walker was looking at the XB-70's fuselage and would only be able to see his position relative to the wing by an awkward look over his left shoulder.

    Impacting the XB–70's right wing he was then caught in the engine vortex and rolled inverted over the XB-70, taking out the left vertical stabilizer and exploding.

    Since Walker died, USAF pinned blame on 4 low level officers who received transfers or letters of reprimand.

  6. jeff fearnow 22 Dec 2016 Reply

    That's the first time I've ever seen that photo/perspective. Is that before one crew ejected?

  7. Shadow Rider 23 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Cameron Beck​ Very true.
    NASA did NOT want the truth known and was willing to cover it up at ANY cost.

  8. Karno Nguyen 24 Dec 2016 Reply

    Wow. First time seeing this photo. Wow

  9. RG Webb 29 Dec 2016 Reply

    First time to see this…..beautiful design though…..XB-70.

  10. Cameron Beck 29 Dec 2016 Reply

    Yes, RG, a beautiful airplane.

    I had thought that the XB-70 was the start of a production run (after testing). Apparently the USAF did not have plans for producing her, just studying.

    I am disgusted at how the USAF scapegoated 4 junior officers who had absolutely NOTHING to do w/the accident. I’ve seen the USAF do that in other accidents, namely the explosion of a Titan II missile in Damascus Arkansas in 1980. If you haven’t, see the film about it, “Command & Control.” -cb

  11. Shadow Rider 14 Feb 2017 Reply

    +Cameron Beck Where can I find that at?
    Is it on YouTube???

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