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  1. عالی آفرین برشما

  2. King Kris 22 Dec 2016 Reply

    Nice plane

  3. David Cheng 22 Dec 2016 Reply


  4. Nicolae Vaughn 22 Dec 2016 Reply

    I just love planes. This is well done.

  5. David Galvan 22 Dec 2016 Reply

    That is to cool!!!

  6. Christopher Rose 22 Dec 2016 Reply

    old does not mean dysfunctional or useless!

  7. PoD Benn 23 Dec 2016 Reply

    A Very Interesting Airplane. I love the Sleek "boat" design of the fuselage.
    I've always been curious about the design of the Engine. Is it purely to keep water from entering the cowling, or is it more efficient – either for more power, or fuel efficiency ?
    I am somewhat familiar with the "flying boat" and it two prop forward engines which were built in the Shorts Factory in Belfast (my home town) during WW2. for Sea Patrol and Sea Rescue, i.e. throwing inflatable dinghies and life-vests to sailors in the water, not actually 'landing' per se, as the Atlantic is a wildly rough Sea, so even if you could "land" you would probably Never get up again !
    Anyway I digressed far enough from my original question – which still remains, if anyone can help.
    P&L. Kiéran☘

  8. Jurgen Coucke 23 Dec 2016 Reply

    Right out of Indiana Jones

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