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  1. Oliver Mayo 2 Oct 2016 Reply

    Rare old beast, XB-70. Fly the same mission as the B-52, fly to Russia, nuke them and fly back, all at Mach 3. Probably one of the most expensive aircraft ever developed which never saw action.

  2. Ernest W 2 Oct 2016 Reply

    Can just imagine the fuel being gobbled by all them big engines.

  3. This was a coverup..

  4. The F-108 rapier would have been paired with this aircraft. Both designs to far ahead of their time

  5. Tom Stearns 2 Oct 2016 Reply

    I love the Valkyrie, so much power.

  6. F-108 rapier. Had two of the engines from B-70 for a top speed of Mach 3 plus

  7. Jose Coss 2 Oct 2016 Reply


  8. They both would have used compression lift theory to achieve better flight characteristics

  9. Shadow Rider 2 Oct 2016 Reply

    Could you imagine being strapped in to the Valkyrie and doing a low-level MACH-3 demonstration run about 150 ft. above the carpet?????

    Talk about exhilarating!!!!!

  10. +Jose Coss me too, payback.

  11. Danny Quizon 2 Oct 2016 Reply

    Boeing also had a civilian version of the XB-70 as its prototype supersonic transport (SST).

  12. I am Boeing corp.; there never was an SST

  13. Danny Quizon 2 Oct 2016 Reply

    +akira lee There was an SST program in the 1960's. Different companies had their own SST designs. Congress abandoned the program around 1970.

    I assault u with any companies' charges; even by atomic bombs. Let that be said.

  15. That bombers was a high lol 80000 ft in fast out fast

  16. Shadow Rider 2 Oct 2016 Reply

    +akira lee
    Google the "Boeing 2707"!

    SST designed by Boeing.

    +Danny Quizon​​ is correct.

  17. wowwwwwwwwwww

  18. Esmonds Chu 3 Oct 2016 Reply


  19. Tom Stearns 3 Oct 2016 Reply

    +Esmonds Chu xB-70

  20. Opposite Catfish 3 Oct 2016 Reply

    +Esmonds Chu XB-70

  21. Eric Portis 3 Oct 2016 Reply

    That's absolutely beautiful

  22. Sonia Sana bria 4 Oct 2016 Reply


  23. Gavin Stines 6 Oct 2016 Reply


  24. Sonia Sana bria 6 Oct 2016 Reply


  25. Gavin Stines 6 Oct 2016 Reply

    Th jvy

  26. Ana Morales 6 Oct 2016 Reply

    Nice Bro

  27. Gavin Stines 7 Oct 2016 Reply


  28. Jeffrey Hall 8 Nov 2016 Reply

    Rare glance?

  29. Me Mine 19 Dec 2016 Reply

    Built this as a model when a kid!! Awesome and very cool looking

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