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  1. Lorne Thomas 2 Oct 2016 Reply

    A-12 Oxcarts and a YF-12 at Groom Lake in the 60's?
    Looks like it was taken with Kodachrome II film from the early 60's and that desert mountain range doesn't look like California.

  2. Breanna White 2 Oct 2016 Reply


  3. Shadow Rider 2 Oct 2016 Reply

    +Lorne Thomas​​ Good eye.
    The "YF-12B" trainer variant has the "bubble" canopy just behind the main cockpit canopy.

    And it is second from the camera.

    You think the mountain range could be the Sierra Blancas outside of Nellis AFB; Las Vegas, NV????

  4. My daddy used to do the army…

  5. Yes

  6. He did…and my papa

  7. Sarah Senn 3 Oct 2016 Reply

    Me have school tomorrow

  8. Akshay patil 5 Oct 2016 Reply

    Hey Rocking SR71

  9. Sarah Senn 6 Oct 2016 Reply


  10. David Jernigan 6 Oct 2016 Reply

    Wh set something no one could keep up wit an could fly so high set in the junk yard.

  11. Aditya Chowdhury 6 Oct 2016 Reply

    Cool birdies

  12. B. Tayman 4 Nov 2016 Reply


  13. Once my dad was a army man…:) I love him <3

  14. Ronson Nunez 8 Nov 2016 Reply

    SR-71's dudes

  15. Brian Lemcke 14 Nov 2016 Reply


  16. Joseph Tin 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    Not SR-71. Its Lockheed A-12. YF-12 and SR-71 were developed from this plane which served between 1963 to 1968. USAF didn't make SR-71 aka Black Bird in such big number.' Right?

  17. Craig Stevens 25 Nov 2016 Reply

    These are A12's. I recently attended a living history event at Chino Planes of Fame and one of the guest speakers was part of the development team. The A12 was built in cooperation with the CIA, the SR71 was later contracted with the USAF. The SR71 is slightly longer, and the canards that extend forward from the leading edge of the wings extend forward of the cockpit, where the A12 blends behind. Oh, and they were developed at Area 51. The speaker was showing old photos and explaining the facility. Interesting stuff. He also wrote a book but the name escapes me. Hope this helps.

  18. John Nichols 4 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Craig Stevens Sled Driver

  19. Craig Stevens 5 Dec 2016 Reply

    +John Nichols I do drive aFord at work sir. 😄

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