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  1. David Cheng 10 Aug 2016 Reply


  2. Wayne Moyer 10 Aug 2016 Reply

    The good old F-16XL. I heard that NASA had dragged it out of storage but this is the first time I saw it with their paint on it.

  3. digranni 10 Aug 2016 Reply

    I need one it!😞

  4. Ernest W 10 Aug 2016 Reply

    I wanna slap some cunards on it and add vectored thrust nozzle.

  5. Edd thompson 10 Aug 2016 Reply

    I want to think in Russian and launch missiles with my mind. And get refueled on the ice pack via submarine

  6. Jeff Edwards 10 Aug 2016 Reply

    Russia you want my car lots cum get out of USA to you C.; now and Ice them and one to DC

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  8. Amilcar Cutzal 11 Aug 2016 Reply


  9. Susan Newcomer 11 Aug 2016 Reply

    What kind of plane is this

  10. Wayne Moyer 11 Aug 2016 Reply

    +Susan Newcomer F-16XL it was a one off concept.

  11. Flaming Twins 11 Aug 2016 Reply

    I like it

  12. Dayton Fuller 12 Aug 2016 Reply

    I need one that's sick

  13. MUD DIGGER 12 Aug 2016 Reply


  14. MUD DIGGER 12 Aug 2016 Reply


  15. MUD DIGGER 12 Aug 2016 Reply

    Hi nice

  16. MUD DIGGER 12 Aug 2016 Reply

    I want that

  17. dep!

  18. Ben Schaffer 12 Aug 2016 Reply

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  19. JAKSON LEONARD 12 Aug 2016 Reply

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  20. John Play 12 Aug 2016 Reply


  21. Landon Braman 13 Aug 2016 Reply

    Cool i need one too

  22. Aj Meer Miller 13 Aug 2016 Reply


  23. John Play 14 Aug 2016 Reply

    You don't need one

  24. Hi

  25. Jose Llamas 18 Aug 2016 Reply

    Primera ves que miro este color en este estilo

  26. Scott Dammann 28 Aug 2016 Reply

    Lockheed Martin F16 fighting falcon. Vs Boeing F15E strike eagle

  27. Alfredo Bauzo 29 Aug 2016 Reply


  28. Alfredo Bauzo 29 Aug 2016 Reply


  29. Gerry Turcot 30 Aug 2016 Reply

    beautiful photo.. congrats

  30. I like this

  31. Wonderful

  32. Brian Lemcke 14 Nov 2016 Reply

    F-16 XL

  33. Gerry Turcot 16 Nov 2016 Reply

    sleak or Sleek! superbe!

  34. John Nichols 5 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Ernest W NASA did fly it with canards.

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