A CF-104 Starfighter and a pair of Canadian F-18 Hornets flying past a castle in Germany

12 Aug 2016 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. wiel vd loop 12 Aug 2016 Reply

    Nice picture

  2. Kazem Karami 12 Aug 2016 Reply

    So beautiful

  3. Maroyd Lloyd Daim 12 Aug 2016 Reply

    Maroyd Lloyd Daim Anna ⌚ 👌

  4. Valter Moras 12 Aug 2016 Reply

    Hello, F-104 Starfighter forever

  5. Zaryn Scovil 12 Aug 2016 Reply


  6. Zaryn Scovil 12 Aug 2016 Reply


  7. Zaryn Scovil 12 Aug 2016 Reply

    Looks nice

  8. ARDU Biz 12 Aug 2016 Reply

    It looks very sad. In some way our f18 look so incredible. Then to look at how people were using stones arrows, tar, cannons to fight and blow up things .. The horrors of torchure are traded with machines to kill millions. Then in contrast, to know we all blew up histories, special human beings. This contrast is what was imposed upon me most with this very professional near perfect window into two completely different times. A mixed emotional response, but the image is striking and well done.

  9. Irma Osiris 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Great view!!

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