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  1. David Cheng 3 Jul 2016 Reply


  2. Danny Quizon 3 Jul 2016 Reply

    Good morning Vietnam! 👍

  3. LC NY 3 Jul 2016 Reply

    Phantom, death from above….. Sexy machine.

  4. Reo Cruz 3 Jul 2016 Reply

    Whenever I see a Phantom I start hearing the song "Jumping Jack Flash" in my head.

  5. Eric Poe 4 Jul 2016 Reply

    …was a gas gas gas!
    I could see that, given the black tail of exhaust they leave in their wake.

  6. Dilip Sawant 4 Jul 2016 Reply

    Well equipped fighter.

  7. Kazuo Hirano 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    dont get this guy pissed

  8. R. Michael Clarey 26 Sep 2016 Reply

    This plane didn't have any guns, relied on the missiles for defense.

  9. Danny Quizon 26 Sep 2016 Reply

    Guns were added later. By 1965 the Air Force added an external gun pod. By the 1970's the F-4E model had a 20mm internal Vulcan cannon added.

  10. R. Michael Clarey 26 Sep 2016 Reply

    Thanks. 😎

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