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  1. G Wales 7 Apr 2016 Reply

    Flash gordan comes to mind 😊

  2. Mike Jankowski 7 Apr 2016 Reply

    Skydiver from British TV series "UFO".

  3. Ethan Cooke 7 Apr 2016 Reply

    It's a Mig 15 unless I'm very much mistaken.

  4. این که خارجکیه .این پل کجاست ؟همان داستان یا واقعیت خلبان شهید ایرانی است .اگر میشه فارسی توضیع بدید.ممنون

  5. Irvin Kershner 8 Apr 2016 Reply

    looks like a mig-17

  6. The fuselage is too short.

  7. Irvin Kershner 8 Apr 2016 Reply

    +Ethan H what do you think it is?

  8. Jimmy Lyons 9 Apr 2016 Reply

    MIG15 flying Hella low!!!

  9. Teighlor Mumphery 10 Apr 2016 Reply


  10. Rory G 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    I've flown under a bridge, but it was bigger.

  11. Cristal Ortiz 29 Apr 2016 Reply


  12. Anton Nikitin 9 May 2016 Reply

    In my native town, 51 years ago (1965), the unusual scene – a bridge in Novosibirsk, Russia and flying under the bridge MiG-17 fighter. "Feat" pilot Valentin Privalov was captured in the photo. I believe – never been done again.

  13. Steven G 10 May 2017 Reply

    I was fortunate to see a similar site when I was a JTAC in Korea, working near the DMZ. I had two Korean F86's checking in with me and I couldn't find them. The lead pilot said check the river valley, so I did and there they were, two F86's hugging the valley and all of a sudden I said holy crap as they flew under a very low bridge. Pretty crazy!

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