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  1. Walter Bedsole 7 Apr 2016 Reply

    Never seen this, Looks like a stealth fighter.. Russian??

  2. It can be only a mockup!

  3. Ted MacDonald 7 Apr 2016 Reply

    It's a Japanese mockup of the Mitsubishi

  4. Reo Cruz 8 Apr 2016 Reply

    +Ted MacDonald it's actually the concept ATD-X. Which became the F-3 ShinShin.

  5. Ted MacDonald 8 Apr 2016 Reply

    +Reo Cruz A mock-up of X-2 demonstrator was built for testing and evolution of stealth characteristics in France in 2005. First flight of a metal wind-tunnel model was made to test flight control systems, sensors and performance characteristics in 2006.

  6. alex ceron 8 Apr 2016 Reply


  7. Su-29 cockpit?

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