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  1. Happy Man 20 Mar 2016 Reply

    What plane is that ? Looks amazing

  2. John Livingston 20 Mar 2016 Reply

    looks kinda like an X-35

  3. Eric Poe 20 Mar 2016 Reply

    EM-10 Bielik
    Polish military training aircraft prototype, built by Margański & Mysłowski Zakłady Lotnicze

  4. John Livingston 20 Mar 2016 Reply

    ah, so it is. Looks a lot like an X-35.

  5. William Prine 21 Mar 2016 Reply

    Intriguing design. Looks like they've designed some stealth and maybe limited vectored thrust features. Very likely fly-by-wire as well. Control surfaces appear to be configured for landing or perhaps ground attack. If the speed brake wasn't deployed, it might even be a jet version of STOL.

  6. Donn Jones 21 Mar 2016 Reply

    Looks like amature hour to me

  7. Brando Phoenix 21 Mar 2016 Reply

    Looks like an F-16 and F-15 put together

  8. ANTHONY MANN 21 Mar 2016 Reply


  9. Alex Sharp 24 Mar 2016 Reply

    Looks like a baby two seater F35 copy.

  10. Mariusz Kocoń 25 Mar 2016 Reply

    +Alex Sharp he is to small, and older match older than F35.

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