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  1. Блом унд Фосс-141.Разведчик- коректировщик.Выпущено 13шт.Летчики его звали "костыль".

  2. digranni 16 Mar 2016 Reply


  3. Brando Phoenix 16 Mar 2016 Reply

    This photo makes no sense. Is half the plane cut off or something?

  4. B.Scott Love 16 Mar 2016 Reply

    Off center cockpit?

  5. Gary Flynn 16 Mar 2016 Reply

    +Brando Phoenix Budget Cuts.

  6. Brando Phoenix 17 Mar 2016 Reply

    +Gary Flynn LOL Never thought about that. Totally makes sense now. LOL

  7. Donn Jones 18 Mar 2016 Reply

    Massive wing area bust of been great at hight altitude

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