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  1. Que bonito.

  2. geo stath 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    canander is two type of that the 215 and 415 before canadian company close

  3. Tom Stearns 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    Great shot!

  4. People who fly those have huge…. guts. Great shot

  5. Nice shot. Thanks. Good day friend 🌹

  6. Valter Moras 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    Hello, good year. Very beautiful picture

  7. This is the CL-415 turboprop. I remember the CL-215s when I grew up on an airport that served as the main waterbomber base for northern Manitoba. Those big radial engines had a very distinctive sound.

  8. Sambo Whitmire 5 Jan 2016 Reply

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  9. Alex Sihotang 6 Jan 2016 Reply


  10. Sambo Whitmire 7 Jan 2016 Reply

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  11. Blackcats anyone?

  12. Sambo Whitmire 9 Jan 2016 Reply

    So on and off the list for this week to see soon

  13. George Xouxlias 10 Jan 2016 Reply

    Hello btent!

  14. Sambo Whitmire 2 Feb 2016 Reply


  15. Sambo Whitmire 2 Feb 2016 Reply

    Lol cool good time omg

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