I guess we will see if this new Casper Mattress is better than my 13 year old Tempurpedic

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  1. Larry Haas 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    I would be interested in your experience. I have a 15 y/o Select Comfort that is leaking on one side. I'm considering Casper. I have no problem with regular hotel beds that seem to be firm so why should I buy another expensive mattress at my age (72) 🙂

  2. Brent Burzycki 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Larry Haas I will let you know – they are firm that is my first impression, it seems that they will send you a free topper for it if you have issues with the firmness.

    I will say that it is not a perfect fit with my adjustable base, but overall we will see – I have 100 nights to decide. I assume I will know after about two weeks.

  3. Larry Haas 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki Well, I'd prefer the firmness. I have my current mattress in an old waterbed frame a California King fits great. Appreciate the feedback.

  4. Michael Richards 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    Also interested in what you find out. I want a Tempurpedic but they are pricey. What percentage of the cost of a temperpedic is it? Like 20% cheaper? 30%

  5. Brent Burzycki 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Michael Richards​ easily a third of the cost. I am replacing a 13 yo Tempurpedic. It is the old style from them. It was expecting site back then and now the new models range from 2900 to 10k for a mattress. The Queen size Casper was 850 with a 50 buck coupon off and free shipping.

    So it's a massive savings. ​

  6. Michael Richards 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    Now I'm more interested than ever, especially since you've owned the tempurpedic before. Do they make a adjustable rack for it as well?

  7. Brent Burzycki 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    No they do not but I have the older Tempurpedic adjustable base with massage and it "works" with it but it is not a perfect solution as the Casper is a lighter mattress 67lbs vs the old style Tempurpedic closer to 100 lbs and the way the Casper is made has more resistance to bending so it likes to be bent on the ergo base less and that leads to gapping at the articulating sections when there is no weight in the bed.

    I will just have to do a review of this bed in a week or two as all the reviews I have seen… And that is a lot of them… All just call it the best thing ever and really do not talk about all the good and bad points. And if the "bad" are really that bad as it is not worth the compromise.

  8. Adonya Morris 8 Jan 2016 Reply

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  9. Michael Richards 18 Jan 2016 Reply

    ok +Brent Burzycki it's been 2 weeks, how do you feel about this mattress? Can you give a mini product review at this point?

  10. Brent Burzycki 21 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Michael Richards Overall I like it – it sleeps well. It is firm overall but not more than my Tempurpedic.

    I need to give it a few more weeks and then do a real review of it. But I will say this much. For the price it is as good if not better than my older tempurpedic mattress. Sleep slightly cooler do to the design also.

    Overall i am happy with it.

  11. Sambo Whitmire 2 Feb 2016 Reply

    I am Tammy and the next day or two are you 37 I'm see you soon and will be

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