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  1. Jaasim Mulla 24 Nov 2015 Reply

    Black Bird!!

  2. Mike LeTourneau 24 Nov 2015 Reply

    Uhhhhh…. Did YOU get his I.D.?

  3. Mike LeTourneau 24 Nov 2015 Reply

    Uhhhh… Negative, Ghostwriter, the pattern is full.

  4. keith olszewski 24 Nov 2015 Reply


  5. Julie Sehler 24 Nov 2015 Reply

    That is a beautiful old bird!

  6. Terri Crawford 24 Nov 2015 Reply

    The picture is perfect. It takes me back.

  7. Adam Philippe 24 Nov 2015 Reply

    An amazing and strange bird in so many ways. One of my favorite facts about this jet: the Blackbird leaks fuel until its titanium alloy gets hot enough in flight to seal the gaps the engineers deliberately left in place to avoid the airplane cracking up from the heat generated by the friction of its high-speed flight.

  8. Joseph Dale 24 Nov 2015 Reply

    I wish the USAF had armed this bird and turned it into a front line interceptor, I bet it could have ran down that Russian Foxbat..or. Mig 25 without using afterburners!

  9. aubree jacobs 25 Nov 2015 Reply

    This is old I like it

  10. Joseph O'Leary 25 Nov 2015 Reply

    Old school the Only school !

  11. Jony Melo 25 Nov 2015 Reply


  12. Greg Guffey 25 Nov 2015 Reply

    Great speed should have had some bang with it

  13. Rogelio Perez 25 Nov 2015 Reply

    You were Here. Win. Alan. SO s. Soak smakpamamaoamamamaaoamamamqmamapma main. Win all w wwowmw

  14. Kailie Whynotpitt 28 Nov 2015 Reply

    Miss u Bro. An Daddy
    C Both of you soon!

  15. Ike Rouse 8 Dec 2015 Reply

    Skunk works! What's next for the21st century

  16. Aziounna lawson 25 Dec 2015 Reply


  17. Tim S. 18 Jan 2016 Reply

    SR-71 Such a Sweet plane.

  18. Ike Rouse 18 Jan 2016 Reply

    Next up Aroura

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