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  1. Nathan Zhang 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    Overkill on the size of the engines, eh?

    Maybe the pilot needs the extra power.

  2. Nathan Zhang 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    That's a NASA bird right? 😉

  3. Ed Greshko 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    General Dynamics WB-57F ?

  4. Lorne Thomas 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    From that plane Kelly Johnston brought us the U2

  5. Hasan Siregar 23 Nov 2015 Reply


  6. Danny Quizon 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    Glad the tail says NASA and not NSA!😄

  7. Reo Cruz 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    Isn't this a weather plane?

  8. Lorne Thomas 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    Martin WB-57F (Weather), a version of the RB-57F that was the spy plane.

  9. seide wolsabo 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    "virus"? What do I know?

  10. Karayipler Kara 23 Nov 2015 Reply


  11. Mike LeTourneau 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    Based on Canberra

  12. David Cheng 23 Nov 2015 Reply


  13. seide wolsabo 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    Let's see if NASA is smart to know ,what is up with a cup of coffee and creamer,makes my stomach snour ,if I drink coffee with out a cream I am okay.What is it?

  14. Reo Cruz 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    +seide wolsabo you are lactose intolerant. Cream has milk.

  15. …I believe this was based on the English Canberra…the second time the US purchased a British twin engine, they seem to be very good at them, the first time of course, was the Mosquito in WW2…

  16. Elijah Trevino 24 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Reo Cruz​ actually its not,it is from nasa but it certainly not a weather plane

  17. Bon Vili 24 Nov 2015 Reply

    I remember these in the late 60s early 70s they flew missions from KFB in Albuquerque N.M. because of the seclusion and altitude they where incredible to watch take off and land almost straight up unit they disappear into the stratosphere and land the same way , the wings where so big that they had to operate from bases that where 5000 ft above sea level,, Rip Stubby.

  18. Tom Pigula 24 Nov 2015 Reply

    Tiny tim

  19. seide wolsabo 24 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Reo Cruz thanks I am using non dairy ,its just fine as with no creme.

  20. Joseph Paquette 25 Nov 2015 Reply


  21. Its so cool

  22. Nathaniel Marmon 26 Dec 2015 Reply

    Pretty cool

  23. Rob Crabaugh 14 Feb 2016 Reply

    Very cool looking. How high does it fly and how fast.

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