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  1. Eric Poe 13 Nov 2015 Reply

    And it is a what?

  2. Kamal Tailor 13 Nov 2015 Reply

    Flying Wing

  3. Eric Poe 13 Nov 2015 Reply

    Had been wondering if it was related to the funky Horten wing jet. Then I found this:
    Horten HW-X-26-52

  4. Как сие летающее крыло называется?

  5. Eric Poe 13 Nov 2015 Reply

    Further reading, the Horton I thought it looked similar to, is a German line, actually Horten.
    This however, is an unrelated Thomas Horton, who developed this depicted prototype, essentially a stripped down, highly modified Cessna UC-78 Bobcat. He attempted to get backing from Howie Hughes, but ultimately the project failed. Up to two were prototyped. You can see in the to photo here that the wing's tips were retractable, intending to make this a partially roadable vehicle.

  6. David Cheng 13 Nov 2015 Reply


  7. Angelo Augello 13 Nov 2015 Reply


  8. Hamdan Md Ali 13 Nov 2015 Reply

    Can it really fly???

  9. Edward Hall 13 Nov 2015 Reply

    That has to be the ugliest contraption ever to enter the annals of aviation history. But, I'm sure you are going to prove me wrong

  10. Ernest W 13 Nov 2015 Reply

    Flying lawnmower
    Got enough wing chord? I think they make R/C kits as I've seen other flying mowers.

  11. Nathan Zhang 13 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Edward Hall I've seen worse. 😉

  12. Connor Taylor 14 Nov 2015 Reply

    I believe i can fly

  13. Pamela Burkhardt 14 Nov 2015 Reply

    What the fuck

  14. 陳校董 15 Nov 2015 Reply


  15. Joseph Watkins 18 Nov 2015 Reply

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