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  1. Mike LeTourneau 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    OV-10 Bronco

  2. Tanisha Harvey 1 Nov 2015 Reply


  3. Alberto Maya 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    Este avion combatio en la guerra de Vietnam.

  4. David Cheng 1 Nov 2015 Reply


  5. Eric Poe 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    Believe it or not, flew with a pair of these about a year ago. It was great to see them out my window.

  6. Bombs away

  7. John Rambo 2 Nov 2015 Reply

    Looks like a Bronco. But I don't remember the wings being that short. Amazing how short they are. Used in Korea and Nam correct? This and the Beast Sky Raider were the last attacking prop planes in war I think?

  8. Chris Hansen 2 Nov 2015 Reply

    Friend of ours flew Broncos as artillery spotter in Vietnam.

  9. 陳校董 2 Nov 2015 Reply


  10. Reo Cruz 2 Nov 2015 Reply

    Might be an early Alpha model, maybe even prototype. I think they went up to Delta?

  11. Eric Poe 2 Nov 2015 Reply

    They did go to delta, plus a proposed cargo variant "x"
    However, the wingspan of this photo, as contested by +John Rambo​ had me searching, as well as the canopy didn't seem to look right. I think +Reo Cruz​ also recognized something was off. I may have found the issue…
    The photo appears to be actually not of an ov-10, but a Convair Model 48 Charger. Oh well, better id next time.

  12. Ernest W 2 Nov 2015 Reply

    They wanted to jam 5 paratroopers in the cargo hold of this beast? Wow.
    Props to the vectored thrustish concept.

  13. Palem Denis 4 Nov 2015 Reply


  14. Ismael Solis 6 Nov 2015 Reply

    Futbool mexicano.

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