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  1. ronald raber 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    Bet the farmer john fliped out on that

  2. Bill Currie 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    That jet is about to go boom.

  3. Robert McSpadden 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    "Oh hell….NOT THE BARN…NOT THE BARN!!!"

  4. Wrong way up.

  5. Rodney Bolden 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    Nah, he'll make it, just pull up a little lol

  6. Capt Kirk 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Richard Byrd​​ proof!

  7. Maria Alfano 16 Oct 2015 Reply


  8. Moe That 16 Oct 2015 Reply


  9. Glenn Ford 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    I bet his first words to him were, "your bloody playing for that! Scared my cows, they'll give sour milk now"

  10. cliff higson 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    Anyone know what type of plane? Looks like a bac lightning

  11. TheNj400 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    +cliff higson it is a lightning.

  12. bouncy carroll 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    some shot 👍👏👏👏

  13. Jeffrey Duddles 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    Dammit Ethel! I dun told ya, NOT TO LET THEM KIDS FLY MY AREOPLANE!

  14. TheNj400 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    English Electric Lightning F1Owner/operator:BAC (British Aircraft Corporation)Registration:XG332C/n / msn:95021Fatalities:Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 1Other fatalities:0Airplane damage:Written off (damaged beyond repair)Location:near Hatfield, Hertfordshire –  United KingdomPhase:ApproachNature:TestDeparture airport:Hatfield, Hertfordshire (EGTH)Destination airport:Hatfield, Hertfordshire (EGTH)Narrative:
    First flown by J.W.C. Squier 29-5-59 at English Electric, Samlesbury. Used throughout flying life by EE/BAC and de Havilland for Firestreak and Red Top air-to-air missile trials.

    Crashed on final approach to Hatfield, whilst involved in the Red Top AAM programme, on 13-9-62. Whilst carrying out a demonstration flight, there was a fire in the aircraft's reheat zone. Un-burnt fuel in the rear fuselage had been ignited by a small crack in the jet pipe and had weakened the tailplane actuator anchorage. This weakened the tailplane control system which failed with the aircraft at 100 feet on final approach.

    Fortunately the nose pitched up, giving test pilot George Aird time to eject. He came down through a greenhouse roof, breaking both legs and right thigh. He was unconscious due to the impact of landing and was woken by jets of cold water from the greenhouse's sprinkler system. He later recovered to resume his flying career.

    This aircraft is one the featured in the famous (and much syndicated) photograph of the pilot’s ejection watched by a tractor driver (see below). According to some sources, including the tractor driver who appears in the picture, the photographer was paid £1,000 (equal to £18,607 at 2012 prices) by The "Daily Mirror" for the photograph.

    Other newspapers originally dismissed the photograph as a fake…until the Ministry of Defence tried to put a "D Notice" on the photograph banning its publication, which confirmed that it was indeed real and not a fake!

    Total flights 214, hours flown 138h 52m

  15. Pete Joyce 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    Guy on tractors thoughts: WTF!!!

  16. Vismay Soni 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    Mayday mayday mayday fire fire fire

  17. Greg Guffey 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    Guess were not in Kansas anymore

  18. Madd Monkey King 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    "Not again…..where they do that at?!?"

  19. westerbarkey jan 16 Oct 2015 Reply


  20. Andreas K 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    bad photoshop work, how can the pilot(?) be in front of the plane ??! and aren´t both seats still in the plane ?

  21. Richard Byrd 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Capt Kirk lol….done deal

  22. Edward Hall 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    It's an amazing moment well captured.

  23. Underfire131 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    The guys like "oh shit" haha

  24. Raymond Smith 16 Oct 2015 Reply


  25. Patrick Smith 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    This photo was part of an ad. I'm not sure if the original photo was manipulated in a dark room. Yes, it's strange that the pilot is ahead of the plane.

  26. Aditya Singh 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    Damn !!!!!

  27. Hannes Nel 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    Just out mowin the lawn then… damn

  28. ronald raber 17 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Hannes Nel​ that would. b a trip

  29. Ray Powell 17 Oct 2015 Reply

    A moment in time caught for ever ,I hope the pilot made it safely😇

  30. ronald raber 17 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Ray Powell It aint true its homeaid

  31. TheNj400 23 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Andreas K it's real it happened in Hatfield UK.

  32. TheNj400 23 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Patrick Smith it's real it happened in Hatfield UK.

  33. Patrick Smith 23 Oct 2015 Reply

    Thanks +TheNj400

  34. Ray Powell 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    The pilot did survive he broke both legs ,

  35. John Austin 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    That photo is quite worrying. It is quite possible that the pilot didn't survive the ejection. I have read of more than one RCAF pilot landing before the chute opened or landing in the fireball. This poor fellow is very close to the brink and the Lightening would not have had a modern ejection system.

  36. Ron Raber 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    +John Austin yes he survived o ly with 2 broking legs

  37. John Austin 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    And broken right hip. Was awakened by water from the sprinkler system of the greenhouse he landed in.

  38. Ron Raber 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    +John Austin did u live close to were that happened

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