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  1. William Waggener 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    That. Is. So. Cool.

  2. I guess this is faster then my HEMI…..LOL..

  3. Eugene Evans 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Awesome F-18 fighter jet

  4. Bill Zinck 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Not a F-18 +Eugene Evans that has twin vertical tail fins looks like it could be a F-16

  5. Bill Zinck 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Nope just checked F-16 has a single engine so this has me stumped

  6. Bill Zinck 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Could this be an old F4 Phantom?

  7. Renato Oliveira 27 Sep 2015 Reply


  8. Timothy Baskett 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    It's an F-4 Phantom. Twin J79 turbojet engines and downward canted tailplanes, definitely a giveaway.

  9. keith olszewski 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Yes, twin heaters on the venerable flying brick

  10. Bruce Feingold 27 Sep 2015 Reply


  11. Brent Burzycki 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Weenie roaster…

  12. David Cheng 27 Sep 2015 Reply


  13. Robert McSpadden 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    My cousin flew these in Vietnam. Heavily loaded with drops, external tanks and missiles…he said they would often barely make it off the deck. Took full afterburners and prayers to get airborne.

  14. YOHANES KURNIAWAN 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    F-18 Super hornet or phantom f-4

  15. Timothy Baskett 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Is it a s'mores cooker? hahahahaha

  16. Long Dang 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    F4 phantom

  17. Varsányi István 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    F4 Phantom.

  18. Aditya Singh 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Most likely a hot coil cooker at the back of a supersonic jet 😉

  19. Josef Kočí 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Excelentní foto👍👍👍

  20. Wow!!! Where's my cooking pot?

  21. Lars Rosing 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    It's a F4 Phantom scale model aircraft, and the 'hot' part is LED's with a color! 😉

  22. Cyrus Mafi 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    I hate war.war tools

  23. R. Dennis Martin 28 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Timothy Baskett obvious to all us old folks who grew up in the days of the Phantom…

  24. Delisle Miller 28 Sep 2015 Reply


  25. Dean Stubbs 30 Sep 2015 Reply

    Looks like an f4 phantom

  26. Delisle Miller 30 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Dean Stubbs pretty sure it is

  27. Dean Stubbs 30 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Delisle Miller​ its the tail that gives it away

  28. Dean Stubbs 30 Sep 2015 Reply

    +R. Dennis Martin im only 17 an i recognised it straight away

  29. Delisle Miller 30 Sep 2015 Reply

    And the engines

  30. R. Dennis Martin 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Dean Stubbs when I was 17, I could identify nearly every Allied and German aircraft of WWI and WWII…but then, I read encyclopedias and as many books as I could find on the subjects in the library…and I was called a 'nerd' then…rock on, education is an awesome thing…

  31. Dean Stubbs 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    +R. Dennis Martin yep same here. I love ww2 planes and tanks

  32. Bijan Akaberi 4 Oct 2015 Reply

    It is the most beautiful fighter for ever f4 phantom

  33. Siem Vu 27 Oct 2015 Reply

    I only say very nice.

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