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  1. Ottaro Chabo 24 Sep 2014 Reply

    If you're on the internet and cannot confirm information, quotes included, you fail at internet! hehe

  2. John Catral 24 Sep 2014 Reply

    hahaha Brilliant!

  3. Dei Granato 24 Sep 2014 Reply


  4. Marc Briggs 24 Sep 2014 Reply

    Definitely LOL

  5. Michael Braucht 24 Sep 2014 Reply

    … Except, you can. And that is precisely what makes the Internet so brilliant to me. Learn to think critically about what you read and see on the Internet, and learn to use it to verify legitimacy.

  6. Jamahl Ray 24 Sep 2014 Reply

    Ohhh….well said Mr. President;)

  7. Wing Wong 25 Sep 2014 Reply

    Very meta

  8. Brent Burzycki 25 Sep 2014 Reply

    +Michael Braucht critical thinking is dead in most people today…. well and common sense..

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