Buying a Hard Drive anytime soon.. these two articles are very helpful based on Hard Drive Failure Rates

25 Sep 2014 admin In G+ Posts

Not perfect based on data center use vs. sitting home use but quite telling on what drives to truly avoid…

Very interesting Data Sets from +Backblaze

Backblaze Blog » Hard Drive Reliability Update – Sep 2014
At Backblaze we now have 34881 drives and store over 100 petabytes of data. We continually track how our disk drives are doing, which ones are reliable, and which ones need to be replaced. I did a blog post back in January, called “What Hard Drive Should I Buy?” It covered the reliability of …

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  1. Kevin Gault 25 Sep 2014 Reply

    I've had 2 of my Samsung platters die. One wasn't even even in the system until I needed it and found it dead on boot. I will not buy another Samsung platter drive again. My 6 year old WD 500 GB drive is still going strong.

  2. Brent Burzycki 27 Sep 2014 Reply

    I just updated one drive to a samsung SSD – its actually pretty awesome so far – I will hope they know SSD better than spinning media…

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