Trey’s Photomatix Preset Pack 2

08 Jun 2015 brent In Gear



As a user of the first set – I just picked up the second set today to check out the latest creative items for Photomatix. Yes we could all spend weeks and months creating these ourselves, but honestly, they are worth the 14 bucks Trey is charging to save me 2 years of creative time I sadly rarely have anymore. 🙁

Check them out at this link



If you buy Volume 2 which contains 27 brand new presets, whatever you do, don’t click on the preset called “You’ll Regret Clicking This.” You will. Oh, and there’s another preset called “Facebook Drama” that will make you roll your eyes just like you do when some distant relative posts something insanely stupid. And if it’s the middle of the day, why not try out “Underoos Moist” or if your partner leaves to run an errand, dip into “The Pr0nstash.” You really can’t go wrong with these presets. Scout’s honor!





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