Thunderbird #5 – 2016 Christopher Buff,

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Thunderbird #5 – 2016 Christopher Buff, — in Robins Air Force Base, Georgia.


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  1. Ike Rouse 13 Oct 2016 Reply

    You don't see the thunderbirds as much as you used to. Blue Angeles more or less

  2. Aldon Hughes 13 Oct 2016 Reply

    I saw them at Tyndall AFB last year. Kind of a slow show. They were overshadowed by the F-22 demo team IMO.

  3. John S 15 Oct 2016 Reply

    Seems to me the Thunderbirds flying style is more of a slower paced choreographed style while the Blue Angels style is more aggressive. Aldon, when you made the comment, "kind of a slow show", I thought of these different styles of flying that I have heard from others over the years.

  4. Ike Rouse 16 Oct 2016 Reply

    Move on from the F-16 Falcon and you will have a better show

  5. Maroyd Lloyd Daim 12 Nov 2016 Reply

    Maroyd Lloyd Daim Anna ⌚ 👌

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