*Man I do love post processing filters….* 
They can bring really cool effects, mood, and interest to shots but I think I have found myself shooting and thinking more about post process than about the shot I am taking at the time and making it a really good shot. I think this might be an issue, and I think I need to change that theory of shooting. I am not sure I am lazy, or I think it might be just easier to concentrate less on current shot specifics, dynamics and production details. But I do think it is making my final product suffer. As an example this shot below, it is not bad, I hate the arm and left hand position. I wonder if I was even thinking about that arm position when I was taking the shot, or was I think about how this shot would look in post with filters applied? Or was I not even caring about the shoot enough to see the issues. Pose, backdrop, floor ac vent, dark pillow on a light couch etc.. It is clear to me to advance my photography it will require me to really start to pay attention to the details and not get or continue […]
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