*Man I do love post processing filters….* 

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They can bring really cool effects, mood, and interest to shots but I think I have found myself shooting and thinking more about post process than about the shot I am taking at the time and making it a really good shot.

I think this might be an issue, and I think I need to change that theory of shooting. I am not sure I am lazy, or I think it might be just easier to concentrate less on current shot specifics, dynamics and production details. But I do think it is making my final product suffer.

As an example this shot below, it is not bad, I hate the arm and left hand position. I wonder if I was even thinking about that arm position when I was taking the shot, or was I think about how this shot would look in post with filters applied? Or was I not even caring about the shoot enough to see the issues. Pose, backdrop, floor ac vent, dark pillow on a light couch etc..

It is clear to me to advance my photography it will require me to really start to pay attention to the details and not get or continue to be sloppy.. and that is no going to be easy.

Attention to detail is what makes people true pro's

Many have asked me what sets apart a pro from an hobbyist… I think attention to detail is what does more than making money at it or doing it daily.

So I guess the moral of this shot is – think more – think in minor details – think more about making every shot perfect out of the camera…

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  1. Brian Madrid 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    I'm sorry, what were you sayin?

  2. Brent Burzycki 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    +Brian Madrid it was not really important….. 🙂

  3. Steve Boyko 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    I'm with Brian, I was a bit distracted until I read your text. Now that I look at the rest of the image more closely, yes, I agree, the arm position seems unnatural. I do like the processing.

    Attention to detail is definitely one thing that sets a pro apart from the rest. I don't know how many shots I thought were good until I looked at them closely and said, "damn, where did that wire come from?" or something similar.

  4. Brian Madrid 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    Wait this was not done using CGI crap?

  5. Brian Madrid 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    She's real ?

  6. Rufat Rahmanov 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    Great details indeed…!

  7. Brent Burzycki 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    +Brian Madrid very real… If I could do this in cgi I would never leave home….

  8. Brent Burzycki 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    +David Taylor really?

  9. DeShaun Craddock 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    Hmm, well, if you were to do it all over, where would you put her arm?
    It is a bit awkward, but I'll admit it isn't something I'd ever have noticed if you didn't tell me.

    It's a great shot! Sometimes you just get limited by your environment. I happen to like it.

  10. Brian Madrid 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki I think you being too hard on yourself.. Its a great shot….I think if you were to shoot a pic of a cat, people probably would giv their advise on the shot but since yr model really captures the moment, I speak on behalf of all real men, you did good!

  11. Brent Burzycki 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    Thx +DeShaun Craddock… Arm and hand positioning has been something I have struggled with for some time… This is where pro models are very helpful… I tend to forget about arm and hand positioning and it can hurt a shot….

    I think I would have had her possibly keep her arms together and look back… But it is hard to say.. Sometime natural looks do not make great photos…. and unnatural poses actually look better…

  12. Brian Madrid 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    See I though you were going for Singularity…. The pic shows one girl, one couch, one spot to sit on, one throw pillow, one saucer on a table, one set of legs, one breast all on a white/bluish backdrop !

  13. Dana J. Dawson 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    I think the left arm is fine and it seems like a perfectly normal position for how the model is posed on the couch.  For me the biggest issue is the expression on her face – it does not seem flattering, but maybe that's just me.  I think it's possible to over-think details.  Some are important, but others are not.  Knowing which are which is what makes a pro.

  14. Brent Burzycki 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    So then the real question is what are the right details….. What is truly important

  15. Dana J. Dawson 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    I think so, but I'm not a pro…

  16. Brent Burzycki 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    I am not sure it takes a pro to know what details are that people like or care about… I think those items are more for each viewer to decide…

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