Having been around these types of disasters and major events for basically all my life it always impresses me with the response from local police and fire. They will literally do whatever is needed to try to make a difference
If the general public had a clue what is sacrificed to keep them safe daily but especially in times like we have right now they would not be able to comprehend what is done for them and what is risked for them. Everything in CA is being mobilized to fight these fires and stop looting and keep the public safe. While you might not hear about all of this on the news because the news sucks at reporting, you should know that if it has wheels and is drivable there is probably someone in it right now heading toward these incidents. It is highly suggested to donate to these efforts. The Red Cross is a good start. https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation – You can select the CA Wildfires as your donation. You can also help by housing friends from those evacuation zones. Do not drive to those places to try to help as in most cases you will be turned away or will be interfering with rescue and fire fighting efforts. Most of these areas have limited access and little to no cell phone coverage at this time. Do not become part of the problem. I would prepare for the long haul on […]
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