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  1. ronald raber 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    If u only new what that just done to me it's wonderful it just amazed the shit outta me to get to see this plane floating it just made my whole fucking day just as interesting as all get out

  2. William Waggener 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Cool. Man. Sweet.

  3. John Rambo 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Not sure what year of the war this came out, but take the floats off and this plane looks very fast and powerful.

  4. Francois H. 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Iti"s look like an amphibious WWII Japanese plane

  5. keith jarvis 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    I bet that handled like crap once it was airborne…. If it could get airborne lol.

  6. Bence Gáspár 26 Sep 2015 Reply


  7. Clive Raynor 26 Sep 2015 Reply


  8. Il Juggernaut 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Maybe a ki-44?

  9. Clive Raynor 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    +William Waggener oh yes! Dig the fucking bike geezer! And the beard too. |《》¡¿¥ COOL!

  10. Clive Raynor 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    +John Rambo Nice chest geezer.

  11. Clive Raynor 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Nice birdy wingy thingy jobby plane.

  12. Clive Raynor 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Francois H. ???

  13. Clive Raynor 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Americans eh? Can't live with 'em: Can't live without.

    Ever been to the Farnborough Air Show?

    I have.

  14. John Rambo 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    After looking at this plane for a bit, it almost looks like the body of a Hawker Sea-Fury. I know it's not Sea-Fury but looks like one.

  15. lucas falk 26 Sep 2015 Reply


  16. Danny McGriff 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Yes it is

  17. Robert McSpadden 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Kawanishi N1K1 Kyufu

  18. Cedric taylor 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Yes very rare few survived the wwii

  19. Jacek Karpinski 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    the design inherently discouraged survival, object was to zero in on a target defined by the emperor of the moment. it is amazing that pilot was not expected to pedal to keep the prop going. but it looks cool. Senior mink whale fishing spotter with training floats.

  20. Clive Raynor 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Whatever it is its nice that somebody has cared enough to restore it.

    Let's talk more. You pick a subject I will do my very best to answer your questions and keep you entertained.

  21. Clive Raynor 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    And if I don't know. I will tell you.

  22. Gary James 26 Sep 2015 Reply

    Nice pic

  23. John Rambo 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Dam, I can't stop commenting on this plane. Looking at it again it's like a mix of war birds. I see a little bit of a P-47 Thunderbolt, Hawker Sea-Fury. But now after really looking at it, it looks dead nutz a Bear Cat. Compare the body especially the front end to Rare Bear the air racing Bear Cat. It's almost identical.

  24. Clive Raynor 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Yes, we'll I'm no authority on planes but would you like to keep me posted John.

    See if you can't eliminate all doubt and find out exactly what it is?

  25. Clive Raynor 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Yes This a mystery. Keep me posted.

  26. Clive Raynor 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Interesting people attract OTHER interesting people.

    Boring people can buzz off! I'm delight to have sparked you into debate.

  27. Clive Raynor 27 Sep 2015 Reply

    Because I'm interested in EVERYTHING.

  28. Alberto Maya 30 Oct 2015 Reply

    Este es un Kyofu, un avion japones de la segunda guerra mundial.Me gustaria que traigan mas fotos de aviones alemanes y japoneses de la segunda guerra mundial.

  29. Pauli Matikainen 1 Feb 2016 Reply

    Rare photo, cool.

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