Finally a lens to make Aviation Photography a bit easier

25 Sep 2015 admin In G+ Posts

Finally a lens to make Aviation Photography a bit easier.. and if size does matter this should be quite a good lens, if it does not matter and price does this lens was not expensive enough to be this big….

Is anyone shooting with the new 200-500 yet? Post links to photos…


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  1. Patrick Campanale 25 Sep 2015 Reply

    Such a beautiful lens :O

  2. Brent Burzycki 25 Sep 2015 Reply

    Just need to see what it does… Seems on crop sensor it will get me almost 700mm

  3. Patrick Campanale 25 Sep 2015 Reply


  4. Joel Swerdlow 25 Sep 2015 Reply

    any one want to crowd fund me for a few of these….????

  5. Marshall Barth 25 Sep 2015 Reply

    not personally used one, but posted a review of them today +One Tree Photos page, stacking it against the Sigma and Tamron offers in that range. Might want to check it out.

  6. Doug Fresh 25 Sep 2015 Reply

    nice man

  7. Marc Briggs 25 Sep 2015 Reply

    This lens is a very captivating option for long reach. I'm keenly interested on hearing reviews myself. I'm shooting an old 80-400 on a D7000. For years I've been wanting to get a 500f4.

  8. Olav de With 25 Sep 2015 Reply

    Well Nikon and a affordable priced lens versus quality ……..finally :-))

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