So my employees wanted to get into having Nerf wars… No problems.. A few modifications here and there will do nicely… And a paint job..

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I expect the workers comp claims to come flooding in on Monday….



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  1. George Greene 16 Aug 2014 Reply

    I have a Striker and Vulcan i need to mod to sell. Both are big guns that fun but they need to get Steampunk or at best redressed and moded.

  2. Brent Burzycki 16 Aug 2014 Reply

    It's amazing how huge the mod market is for Nerf….

  3. Calvin Phuong 17 Aug 2014 Reply

    Nice! Those look awesome.

    I put 2 – 14500 lithium batteries to replace 3 AAs in my Nerf gun and now it screams. Fires twice as far too.

  4. Elizabeth Hahn 17 Aug 2014 Reply

    Being them out to the Zombie Train!

  5. George Greene 17 Aug 2014 Reply

    Need to find some one to help in modding the one i have 2 Raider the Striker and the Vulcan I have 3 of the 36 dart drums (the fit well in the striker). I saw a shop in Tucson AZ. they had Big wall of Modded guns.

  6. Brent Burzycki 17 Aug 2014 Reply

    The mod kit I got was from Orange works mod….

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