So I have one +Ingress invite to give away this weekend

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So I have one +Ingress invite to give away this weekend. I ended up with two so one should go to a wanting, ok lets call it needing G+ user

So I am not going to make you follow me…if you want feel free..but do it because you think my posts are worth following, not just for the invite..

Not going to make you do anything to get this other than one thing….. In a post below let the community know why you need the invite so bad… Best story with the most +1's gets the invite…oh and if this does not hit at least 30 comments then I will post it again …. so no posts that say "neet" or "rad" unless you use it in a sentence….and it is fun to read…

Yes as in the community will vote by plus 1's and you will get the invite.. G+ is about creativity and taking a minute to care more than we do in other social networks. Do not make it too long but the more creative and the more people like it the better your chance…

So make your post and vote…..

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  1. Victor Talha 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    ThazzWazzup ,-)

  2. Aaron Kersch 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    I have been following Ingress from the beginning and I'm huge into gaming. I'm a programmer, love software, and the new advances we're making in the field of technology. It's absolutely incredible what Google has done with this and when I finally get an Ingress Code, I will finally be able to help the Enlightenment and harness the XM!

  3. Nathan O'Kane 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Only one other person has it in my city (Huntington WV) he is resistance, we must have balance to the system.

  4. Nathan O'Kane 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    P.S. He has all the portals….

  5. Nathan O'Kane 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Ah and I have done artwork with no result… 😀 Ok I am done!

  6. Because all the teenagers in my area would never suspect the cookie baking mom to be out hacking portals, Gotta keep em guessing!

  7. Jordan Gallant 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    I have been waiting for my beta invite since the day the beta was announced. Yesterday I told my brother about it and he goes online and gets a free one off Google + within 20 mins. This wouldn't be so bad if he didn't tease me for it. I would like to get this invite so I can battle with him and not have to drive around getting XM for him. Thanks for giving your extra away even if I don't get it!

  8. Seth Walters 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Because I'm a single mother.

  9. X ROM 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    A number of my friends and I were planning to go out and help enlighten the Minneapolis area on my birthday.  We'll still go, but I think I'm one of the few without an #ingressinvite  already.

    Walking around the Walker Art Center (and other Minneapolis locations) and hacking portals sounds like a great way to spend a birthday afternoon/evening.

  10. Sidney Lucas 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Why? I need to lose some weight by walking more. My +Fitbit  broke and I need motivation again.

  11. Gary Paulson 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Would like the code because this is #INGRESS. Eastern Washington does not have a #Resistance  or #enlightened  faction yet and we need to plant the seed.

  12. Jordan Gallant 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Good luck everyone!

  13. I need a code so I can continue to procrastinate for finals!

  14. Michael Savidge 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    I know the location of the lost city of Atlantis.  I will provide a portal location at that spot if I were to get an #ingressinvite.  If not… well, I guess we'll never know.  Good Day.

  15. Jason Dunn 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Because I'm an aspiring photographer wanting to take #ingress  pics at sweet locations and 'shop some imaginary augmented reality displays into them.

  16. Nate Hoy 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Because Google's maps around here need more work, and the world needs more weird.

  17. Amy Hunt 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Because I have been waiting for this next level of technology/reallife/real life integration since my dad's commodore vic20.

  18. Cami Wilson 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Being a recent transplant from Canada, what better way to get to know my city.  And I'd bring my toddler with me.  Need to start training them early.

  19. Badcc Void 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Let's hope it's me, haha. I travel a lot and would love to compete against my friends

  20. Finn Herzfeld 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    I finally got a smartphone, feeling slightly more a part of the modern world, however that's quickly wearing off and I feel that if I don't get in in the next few days then I might actually be force to study for finals.

  21. The Enlightened need me.

    #ingressinvite   #ingress  

  22. Peter Shiner 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    …because I am starting a 12 step program for #ingress  addicts and I need an #ingressinvite  to understand what people mean when they say they finished step 3 and believe in XM which is "greater than ourselves."  Personally I think they've lost their sanity and will only regain their serenity in #resistance….

  23. Danny Eckert 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    I need an Ingress invite because I would be the first Enlightened in my area. In the area of Cape Girardeau, Missouri there is many Resistance, but only one of the Enlightened. However, me being that one Enlightened, I don't have access to the game.

    These people need me to help them get AP points and I could earn some for myself as well. The game is just starting to open up in my area and we need an even playing field in order to show people the true fun behind this ARG.

    If I get an invite, fantastic! I can help out those guys and beat the Resistance! If I don't, that's okay too. Because I know I'll get one eventually.

  24. Gabby Sida 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    My husband received a code and now I am an Ingress widow.  He walks around the house and neighborhood with his earbuds on mumbling something about XM, portals, the word of the day, enlightened, resistance… I'm sure you get the point.  My point being is that I can't let him walk around the neighborhood looking like a nutjob, at least not by himself.  After all, we are in it for better, for worse, in Enlightenment & Resistance.  Also, the longer he's out in the world Ingressing, the bigger advantage he'll have over me.  

  25. Brendan Keating 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    Seattle's in the dark out here, and we need every warrior who can get his feet on the streets. Also, I'm using a windows phone right now, but if I win an invite code, I'll make the switch to a google phone. Want to stick it to the man? +1 me. 😀

  26. Oh Gabby you lucky girl.. I wish my husband had some interest! Lucky for me, my son DOES want to play.. and I outrank him 😉

  27. Terry Green 8 Dec 2012 Reply

    I'm in the sticks in northeast Arizona.  I'm like Red Dawn out here.  Please give me an invite, or the entire southwest will fall to the Cubans or whoever the new Red Dawn bad guys are.  (OK, I haven't actually seen the new movie yet.)  But give a hillbilly brotha a chance!

  28. chay spangler 9 Dec 2012 Reply

    Because i want to get a code before my mom does

  29. Uriel Larson 9 Dec 2012 Reply

    Gives me a reason to get out of the house and be social 😛

  30. Chase Brown 9 Dec 2012 Reply

    So I have another excuse to play on my girlfriend's phone

  31. Sooo how did this turn out? Enough posts and pluses or no?

  32. Brent Burzycki 10 Dec 2012 Reply

    +Christine Spangler I am still waiting… there is no clear winner of it at this point…. I will probably reshare it out one last time and then pick someone…if this was a job interview I would not hire anyone as of yet.. 🙂

  33. I knew I should have worn my better dress clothes 😉

  34. Felix Zuniga 10 Dec 2012 Reply

    Please 🙂

  35. Persistence and determination are good traits in a job interviewee 😛 

  36. Felix Zuniga 11 Dec 2012 Reply

    so, i think you should choose based on how it will be used. I will choose to be a part of the enlightenment  if I do not choose this side I will be socially shunned from my group of techie geek friends who all have accounts already, and have chosen to go against the resistance. If you have a preference you should give it based on this, thanks for caring!

  37. Update?

  38. Brent Burzycki 13 Dec 2012 Reply

    Sorry this will need to wait till the weekend…. then i will be back and can read these and get the invite out… 

    Work, and real life kills my g+ time…

  39. Ingress, do you even lift?

    I need an invite so I can finally become enlightened!

  40. It is the weekend and I'm wondering if this is still viable?

  41. Brent Burzycki 16 Dec 2012 Reply

    +Christine Spangler you won the invite…… enjoy it…

    Thanks for all the creative posts.. if I get any more I will be giving them out… 

    or if I ever become level 3 as i think you get invites to give at that point..

  42. Thank you! I've really been enjoying your posts and photos so in a way I've won twice! Have a great afternoon (cause you know what I'm going to be doing!)

  43. Felix Zuniga 16 Dec 2012 Reply

    congrats, I am still waiting 🙂

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